Five Wonder Woman Weaknesses You Didn’t Know About

Five Wonder Woman Weaknesses You Didn’t Know About

DC certainly loves to supe up their heroes and make sure that they’ve got enough power to decimate entire continents, worlds, and anything else that stands in their path, but one thing they tend to do as well is give their heroes very distinctive and sometimes silly weaknesses that make them hard to relate to. Then there are those that have weaknesses you didn’t know about, like Wonder Woman, that almost seem patronizing in their simplicity but also seem like an afterthought. It’s comforting to know that even the heroes have soft spots even if some fans don’t want to dwell on them, as it makes the heroes just a little less godlike and brings them back down to earth a bit so that they can be measured in a way that’s more comforting. But some of the weaknesses that Wonder Woman possesses will no doubt leave you scratching your head as you try to figure out just how anyone would take advantage of them.

Seriously, she seems like a moving tank that needs just the right glancing blow to even slow her down.

5. Getting poked in the eyes can undo her.

You can imagine that this isn’t easy since she’s extremely fast, intelligent, and tough. But if someone were to catch her off guard somehow Diana’s eyes are just as vulnerable as anyone else’s. Keep in mind this is thank to her human side since she’s a demigod, meaning that she’s not completely invulnerable. She’s very tough to harm and even tougher to kill for those that aren’t up to her power level or greater, but her body is just as vulnerable to harm as anyone’s. Wonder Woman can take a tremendous impact and keep going without much difficulty, but take her eyes away and she’s, well, she’s a little more vulnerable.

4. She can be bound by her own lasso.

Once again it might take someone that can catch her in a moment of weakness or off guard, kind of the same thing sometimes, but it won’t be when she’s ready for just about anything. Wonder Woman can be bound up by her own lasso without much trouble by someone that knows what they’re doing and, according to the earlier versions of the hero if she’s tied up by a man it seemed to strip her of her powers. Whether the people writing her story still want that to happen is hard to say but so far no one’s really had the opportunity to try this on her in the movies. One thing is certain though, it would take someone just as strong if not stronger to hold her with it.

3. Piercing weapons can harm her.

This clip is just a fun, hypothetical match pitting Wolverine and Wonder Woman against one another. Likely as not they would be uneasy allies in the comics and the movies, but they probably wouldn’t get along that well. However, Wolverine’s claws being among one of the sharpest piercing weapons in the comics, it would serve to prove that Diana’s skin is no tougher than anyone else’s when it comes to being pierced. She can be stabbed and in some cases mortally wounded if her opponent has the strength and the opportunity to do so. Granted, she’ll no doubt dish out a world of hurt for the effort, but in a knock down brawl she’s just as apt to be wounded as anyone else.

2. She can be poisoned.

Remember how I fleetingly mentioned her human side? Demigods are notoriously tough, but that human aspect keeps them from absorbing the kind of damage that a god could take, as they don’t tend to inherit every last strength from their immortal parents. Thanks to being human, in part, a demigod can be subjected to attacks and substances that normally wouldn’t affect divine beings due to natural resistances and, well, the writers’ fanciful notion that such things should be beneath the notice of a god. But Wonder Woman has been poisoned in the past and while she’s still alive to tell the tale the experience has never been a pleasant one.

1. She is her own weakness.

Just taking what we’ve seen and read from the comic books and the movies, Wonder Woman is immensely powerful. Yet if she were to remove her bracers her power would only increase, as the bracers keep a good portion of her power in check. If she took them off however the power would eventually overwhelm her and turn Diana into a mindless berserker. The human side of her (remember that?) would be overwhelmed by the unchecked divine force that she’s never really had to grasp fully and would shut down in a way, allowing the power full rein. So in truth she’s her own weakness since if she ever used her power without her signature bracers she would lose complete control.

Go on, scratch your head, but it makes sense.

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