Merlin vs. DC and Marvel

Merlin vs. DC and Marvel

It’s not too often that we get to talk about DC and Marvel in the same sentence without talking about a massive crossover the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. Much of what’s published concerning said crossovers is a desire to see it happen again in a time when there are more heroes and more fans that would love to say the outcome of said battles. But this time around, both multiverses appear to be in danger from a singular source that exists in both franchises. Why this is happening is bound to be something that people will have to read in the comics if they want to find out, but the implications of it are already turning heads since any time DC and Marvel get lumped together for anything it appears that a lot of people are willing to entertain the idea that there might be a crossover in the making. But seeing as how two different versions of the same character are present in both franchises it does make a person wonder if this is going to be like the crossovers of old when two warring individuals set two multiverses upon each other for one reason or another that the reader has to guess at. 

There are a lot of people that are quite comfortable with that idea since as long as both DC and Marvel have been in the game, there’s always been a dispute over who is better. But seating Merlyn, or Merlin, depending on which version is being discussed, in the place of the cosmic powers responsible for such a meeting is interesting to be honest, since this is THE wizard that many have deferred to or referred to over the years as one of the most important figures in magic, and taking the fact that he’s a fictional character means that one can do a lot of things with the character, such as make him present at the time of the Big Bang, and aging backward, and having the capacity to be the most powerful magic user of all time. 

The fact that he’s not mentioned that often when it comes to being the most potent magic-user of all time kind of feeds into his legend since it could very easily mean that he exists as a trump card in the realms of magic that many would rather push to the side so that someone else can shine. But it would appear that the comic writers have found a reason to bring the wizard out in order to use his impressive feats to do something that might merge the two franchises, if only briefly, which a lot of fans would love. Magic in both DC and Marvel tends to be something that can be used as an element of the story to fuse with something else that might end up being a great effect that could end up catching the attention of many fans and possibly those that might want to do something with the idea on the big or small screen. But a crossover of this magnitude would need a great deal of care taken to make certain that everything was in its place and every character was able to shine as they needed to in order to create something that fans would actually care about. 

One thing that should be noted, and remembered at all times, is that fans are insanely touchy when it comes to their favorite comic book characters and would likely turn on anyone that even hinted that a rival character is any better or has any chance of being victorious in a fight. To this day, DC and Marvel fans will still throw down, in a verbal manner thankfully, if someone decides to tell them that their heroes or villains are flawed and that the rival faction could come in and mop up on them. Tell a Superman fan that the man of steel could be beaten by a Marvel character and you’d best be prepared for a complete rundown of Superman’s abilities and battle history. The same can be said for Marvel heroes and villains since many people actually get defensive when this matter is brought up. Thankfully there are plenty of people that understand that a person can actually enjoy both franchises and be confident that no matter what happens, it’s the writer that decides what will happen.  That’s why this storyline with Merlyn and Merlin could be kind of interesting since it could take the greatest magic user in two different forms and use the individuals to spark something that might be enough to have people talking for a while. After all, it’s another idea that could keep people interested for a while, and might be a good idea for a movie or TV show. Even an animated show would be great. 

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