If Rey From Star Wars Went to Hogwarts as a Little Kid

If Rey From Star Wars Went to Hogwarts as a Little Kid

It’s funny because over the last couple of weeks we’ve been getting plenty of new Stars Wars information but we’ve also been getting a ton of new Harry Potter material.   From products to funny mashups to seeing a relationship with Harry and Voldemort, it’s as if the Harry Potter Universe simply will not die.  Then of course yesterday you had J.K. Rowling teasing a script for a Fantastic Beasts sequel.

I’ve argued in the past that these are two franchises that no matter how much time goes between movies or books that people will be interested.  Even if a point of “we’re officially done with the series” is ever reached on either, I think people will be analyzing and creating new content around these franchises for years to come.

Speaking of which, it’s always a treat when you can get a Harry Potter and Star Wars mash up in the form of a simple comic.  This was was posted on Imgur today and I had to share it with you guys.  It takes us all the way back to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Only in this scenario Rey isn’t hoping to get Gryffindor, she’s hoping to land herself Jedi instead of Sith.

Well played.

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