Chewbacca’s Legends Death was Epic: No Matter What Fans Think

Chewbacca’s Legends Death was Epic: No Matter What Fans Think

Chewbacca’s Legends Death was Epic: No Matter What Fans Think

There are moments in fiction when people’s jaws drop when they read or watch something they weren’t expecting. The way things have been going with the Star Wars franchise, the jaw-dropping has primarily been caused by the fact that it would appear that the franchise is being run by those who don’t know what they have or what to do with it. In all fairness, there have been great moments, but far too many questionable moments have left people, even diehard superfans, speechless. Do you know how insanely hard it is to shut up a fanboy or fangirl? Unfortunately, it’s even harder to shut up a Star Wars fan, as they’ve often been labeled as some of the most toxic fans in entertainment history. Of course, there are a few truths and a few lies to that claim, but the fact is that Star Wars fans have made their bed and often refuse to lie in it since they want to make their point more often than not. But some subjects are even more likely to get them talking, and the death of a favorite character is one of them. 

Chewbacca has died in Star Wars literature, whether people want to hear it. 

He’s been well-liked since his inclusion in the franchise back in 1977, and he’s one of the many characters that many people couldn’t see being taken off the roster at any time, no matter what might happen. And yet, in the Legends franchise, that’s precisely what happened. But for some reason, many people would rather pretend that this never happened, which is silly, not to mention a bit insulting, since how Chewbacca was taken out was impressive in a colossal way. 

There’s a reason why the Yuuzhan Vong war would be a great addition to the franchise, well, several reasons, honestly. 

So many Star Wars fans are ready to claim that the Legends canon wouldn’t work and that it’s riddled with inconsistencies that it might be daunting to think that this storyline could even come close to being a great idea. But then, those same fans have ripped apart the actual canon, so it’s fair to say that there are a lot of Star Wars superfans who aren’t bound to be entertained unless whatever fantasy they’re thinking of in their heads is about to be realized. Many purists believe the Force-nullification experienced with the Vong is a cheap copout, which is funny since Palpatine can clone himself, forge a new fleet, and give Rey instant Force powers when Kylo Ren confronts him her. However, it is just as convenient. That’s the fanbase for you. Including the Vong into the Star Wars universe would be a massive boon since it would be a colossal upset, more so than anything that the Mouse House might be thinking of at this point. Not only do they have insanely amazing biotech, but what they can do is incredible to the end of being horrifying. I mean, come on, imagine a living creature that could disguise another living creature or one that could take out a starship. 

Chewbacca’s death came with a purpose, at least. 

Finally, getting to Chewbacca’s famed demise, or infamous demise maybe, comes about when he and Han Solo attempt to evacuate a group of alien beings from a world targeted by the Vong. In the process, Han’s youngest son, Anakin Solo (yes, Han and Leia have three kids in the Legends canon), is knocked cold, and Chewie has to try and save him. The immediate danger is that the Vong are using a gravity device to bring a nearby moon crashing down onto the planet, which is the kind of mayhem they’re out to cause in this series. As Chewie looks on with resignation, he launches Anakin into the opening of the Millennium Falcon. At this point, Anakin returns to his senses and takes the controls as Han attempts to bring his furry friend on board. As Anakin punches it and leaves Chewie behind, the Wookie roars defiantly at the incoming moon as it collides with the planet, remaining defiant in the face of death, much as anyone would have expected from the fierce and unbroken warrior. 

You probably won’t ever see this in the current canon. 

If we do see Chewie die, it will probably be in a much different fashion. Having a moon dropped on him isn’t likely to happen since it feels like this would be too much for Disney. But the fact is that Chewbacca has died in the past, and he went out in a blaze of glory that was nothing short of epic. So if Disney decides to give the big Wookie any less of a sendoff someday, it’s bound to be when the fans who remember Chewie the most are long gone. 

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