10 Things You Didn’t Know about Caroline Schwitzky

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Caroline Schwitzky

Few will argue that the show 90 Day Fiance is not as strange as they come. People falling in love with people over the internet and the phone that they met in different countries always finds a way to subtly whisper, “I want a green card,” to those of us watching. We will say that there are probably a few couples from the show genuinely in love and happy together, but this is the vibe we get from most. While Caroline Schwitzky was part of the show, she was just a talent agent helping one of the women featured in the show work on a modeling career. However, she’s in the headlines right now, and we thought you might want to know why and what for.

1. She is a College Graduate

She’s a smart woman with a degree to her name. She attended courses at the Miami Dade College, where she graduated in 2014. She has a degree in Mass Communication as well as Film Production. While she might not technically use either right now, she’s using both in her own way to make her business thrive.

2. She is a Model

She’s been modeling since she was a child. She began when she was a little girl prior to her family’s move to Miami when she was only 11. She’s been giving it her all ever since, though she does not focus on her own modeling career these days. She’s focused on the modeling careers of her clients.

3. She is an Actress

Since the age of 16, she’s been more focused on her own acting career than anything else. It’s been good for her, too, since she’s appeared on several shows and even some films. She loves to act, but it’s owning her own business and making other people realize their own dreams that’s been the real blessing in her life.

4. She Appeared on the Reality Show

She was not a contestant on the show, but she was a spin-off of 90 Day Fiance back in 2016. She’s a talent agent, and she was working with Paola Mayfield as the young woman attempted to work on her own modeling career. Now she’s an alum of the show herself.

5. She is Divorced

Prior to her divorce, she was married to a man by the name of Christian Hollant. They reportedly wed in 2011 while she was still in college, and they divorced not too long after that. However, the former couple was married long enough to welcome three children into the world. They share two sons and a daughter.

6. She is a Founder

She’s a woman who does big things, and founding her own company is one of the big things she did. She founded a talent company called SC Talent Ent, and she works with different people who are all looking to find different things in their careers. She’s got clients who are athletes, some who are models, and many actors and actresses.

7. Her Boyfriend Tried to Kill Her

Sadly, she’s making headlines right now for something awful. Her own boyfriend tried to kill her. The couple was reportedly on a boat in South Florida where witnesses heard them arguing for some time prior to his attempt to take her life. The man who is 11-years her junior reportedly tried to drown her before she was saved and he was arrested.

8. She Was Arrested

To make this incident even worse, she was also arrested despite the fact that she was the victim of her boyfriend’s attempted murder. The man who intervened was able to save her, call the police, and they realized she was wanted on an outstanding warrant, so they booked her, too.

9. She Is a Former Pageant Queen

Growing up, she was also a beauty pageant queen. She appeared in the Miss Weston USA pageant when she was younger, but she was forced to resign from the pageant. The reason is that she was also a pageant winner in a porn pageant – allegedly – and her own morals were questioned.

10. Fans are Shocked

At the end of the day, however, her own fans are shocked by all that has happened. Most fans are more concerned about her well-being than anything. She is a mother with three young children, and a man tried to take her life. Fans are happy she is alive and well and that she can be with her children. This is not an easy time no matter what you might think of her and the life she is living.Pageant Queen

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