10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashe Lamiroult

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashe Lamiroult

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashe Lamiroult

Ash Lamiroult is a reality star from the show Temptation Island. She’s made waves, headlines, and a lot of people unhappy since the show debuted this spring, and people are curious to learn more about her. She went on the show against an open relationship with her partner, but also hoped they could learn if a long-distance situation (New Mexico to New York) would work. How is this playing out?

1. She Met Hania on a Dating App

When these two met, it was quite a story. For one, they’d previously met through a friend of theirs during a group setting. However, when Hania sent a DM to Ash after they met through their mutual friend, she did not respond. Their love story did not start until they actually matched on an app made for dating.

2. Their Relationship Was Major from the Start

When they finally matched on the app after meeting in real life, things were quick to start. They agree their first date was more than 12 hours long, and no one wanted to see it end. They wanted to be together, and they both admit that they had a difficult time being away from one another and/or keeping their hands off one another. They thought things were strong.

3. Ash Was Moving to Brooklyn

The problem in this relationship is that Ash was already scheduled to move to Brooklyn. Her career was taking off, she had an offer she couldn’t refuse, and the distance was something they weren’t sure they could make work. They were both worried about it, but her job was not something she was willing to give up.

4. They Mutually Decided to Test Their Relationship

When they decided to take a chance on reality television, it was to test their faith in one another prior to the big move Ash was making. No one thinks that going on television to see if you can be faithful to your partner is a good sign – if you don’t know if your love is strong enough to last, it’s not strong enough to last. It sounds pretty simple to us. However, this was a mutual decision.

5. Ash Was Not Open for Open

Initially, there was some talk of an open relationship on Hania’s part. However, Ash was not into it. She said no to being in an open relationship, and she made it quite clear that she’d take no part in something of that nature. Then she went on the show and was very clear that she has no problem being with other people – neither of them do as they both did on the show – but she was fine sneaking around behind Hania’s back.

6. She’s in her Late 20s

We understand that Ash was around 28 when the show filmed, but that she’d turned 29 by the time it aired in 2022 – March of 2022. This means she’s quickly approaching 30, which is an age that many women begin to feel a significant amount of pressure coming their way. Marriage, houses, babies, career, whatever. It’s an age when people feel they should have things checked off their list.

7. She Is Fine With Kissing Other People

She’s made it very clear that she finds nothing wrong with kissing other people. She feels it is a good way to see if you have chemistry with someone else, and she doesn’t see any issue with it. She’s also did not hesitate to go into kissing other people on the show when they made their debut. However, Hania still didn’t think it was easy to watch this happening.

8. She is Very Physical

She’s described herself as someone who is exceptionally physical. She likes to be close to people, to make physical contact with people, and Hania knows this. They have incredible chemistry together, and it seems that she is someone who is not afraid to find chemistry through contact with others, either.

9. Fans Were Not Shocked By Her Actions

Ash turned out to be the first person to cheat on her significant other when she went on this show, and no one is surprised despite the fact that she was the one against an open relationship and she didn’t want to lose her man. Fans aren’t too taken by her, it seems.

10. We Don’t Know if They’re Still Together

When it comes to her relationship with Hania, we don’t know if they chose to stay together. They both thought that the ideal situation is that they would come home together and choose one another, but who wants to be with someone who chooses other people the moment you are not around?

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