Will the Beyonder Show Up in Phase 5?

Will the Beyonder Show Up in Phase 5?

Will the Beyonder Show Up in Phase 5?

There are rumors, as there always are, that the Beyonder might be coming to the MCU by Phase 5 as a major villain. The truth is that this is more accurate than many people realize since this is a guy that has been able to take on the Molecule Man, who is essentially one of the most powerful beings that people don’t know about since his name kind of indicates what he’s all about, as molecules are kind of important when it comes to the shape and form of things. The Beyonder managed to beat that guy, since his name also describes him quite well, as he’s the one from beyond. This means that he’s from a place beyond the known Marvel universe, and as a result, his power is simply immense. This is the kind of being that others such as Galactus and even The Living Tribunal don’t mess with, and those forces are beyond most in the Marvel universe. Bringing a villain like this to the MCU might feel as though it would be a chance to set everyone up for failure, but there’s a reason for bringing him in.

The truth about the Beyonder is that he’s a universe until himself, meaning that there’s literally nothing that he can’t accomplish. He’s in full control of himself and everything within and around him, and as a result, can do the impossible with but a thought. This guy makes Thanos look like a child playing with a sparkly glove when he decides to flex his will. A good example is that the Beyonder has smacked a person imbued with the Phoenix Force around like she was nothing, and has no trouble doing so to just about any other character in the Marvel universe. So again, the question might be why anyone would even want to see this character make his way into the MCU. Well, that’s pretty easy: he’s a challenge. 

It’s not just the challenge to come up with ways to use him, since if he gets placed in the MCU for Secret Wars it’s bound to be a great idea since his child-like behavior coupled with the power at his disposal makes him way more powerful than Thanos, even with the Infinity Gauntlet. Yet, for all that, the Beyonder isn’t truly evil, since he’s more akin to a young individual that is discovering the universe and everyone in it for the first time and wants to see what will happen when he pits certain individuals against each other. In a big way, one could say that the Beyonder is like a kid with an anthill, and he wants to see what happens when he shakes things up. Cruel as that might sound, it has happened in the Marvel universe, and it’s not an easy thing to cope with. To be blunt, the Marvel heroes had to take him out when he was in the middle of a re-birthing process and the manner in which they did this would have been deemed questionable by a lot of people today. But then again, if he does come to the MCU and he’s dealt with in a touchy-feely, I’m okay, you’re okay kind of method, it does feel as though the whole point of the Beyonder, and even the MCU, might be killed off.

But if he was brought in with the intent of shaking things up it could be a great way to keep things moving in a direction that would embrace change but make it appear as though such a thing wasn’t planned, which would make it possible to think that the MCU was going to be tossed back and forth to see what might happen. With the Beyonder, it’s fair to say that expecting one thing would almost assuredly mean that the fans are bound to get something entirely different. But that might be good since at this time it feels as though the MCU is in the middle of a big shift, and while it’s bound to be beneficial to the franchise, on the whole, it does feel as though things will eventually settle and find another rhythm that will create the same feeling that’s been building throughout the last few phases. At some point, it does feel as though the MCU is going to have to think about hanging it up or expanding in a big way, and the Beyonder could be the way this is allowed to happen. 

Eventually, it does feel as though the MCU is going to be nearly unrecognizable in a lot of ways to the fans of the old Marvel universe, especially if changes keep occurring in ways that people didn’t see coming. But as an old-school Marvel fan, I’ve had to see things change with many others and not all of the changes have been tough to bear. To be fair, a lot of the changes have taken some getting used to, but eventually, they become the norm and the general thought is that without them, things would stagnate in a big way. The Beyonder could be a big way to shake things up, but we’ll wait and see how it could happen, or if it does. 

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