The MCU isn’t Going Anywhere for A While

The MCU isn’t Going Anywhere for A While

The MCU isn’t Going Anywhere for A While

It’s not the first time that people have wondered how much longer the MCU is going to be around, since it’s been building since 2008 when Iron Man first came on the scene and set the ball rolling. But it would appear that there are plans that stretch out for another decade since it’s been announced that projects have been planned out all the way until 2032. At this point, it’s tough to see exactly what is going to be coming down the pipeline, but the idea is that the MCU is apparently going to outlast most of those that are still on the roster since they’ve been a part of the franchise for a while now. At some point, it feels obvious that a lot of actors are going to age out of their roles, since in another decade it does feel as though the MCU could become old news, or it could be one of the most dominant franchises to ever come along, and could just be hitting its stride. A good example of how a franchise can last so long would be Star Wars, Star Trek, and a few others, but one caveat to remember is that pacing is crucial. 

The number of projects that the MCU has on the hook at this point is quite large when one thinks about it since there are plenty of movies being planned, and shows getting ready to come out. New heroes and villains are coming in as old ones are either going out or being rebooted in one way or another. In another ten years, it does feel as though the heroes of now are going to be legends or fond memories that are going to be half-remembered by those who are currently growing up as they watch the MCU. Anyone that’s around during that time who mentions where they were when they first watched Iron Man will likely be deemed ‘old school’, since everything that has happened and is currently happening will be ‘ancient history’ compared to what is still to come. 

There’s plenty that’s already coming up since fans are currently waiting on titles such as She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Secret Wars, Armor Wars, and many other additions to the MCU, but in ten years it’s fair to say that the landscape of the MCU is bound to change quite a bit since those that are just entering might have already exited at that point or might be considered the veterans. It does feel safe to say that many of those that are seen as popular now will be gone, since Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, and several others have stepped down, while Chris Hemsworth and a few others might be on their merry way at some point. Bringing in younger actors that can last for a few years, if not longer, is a great idea that the MCU has been implementing, but even these individuals are eventually going to be faced with the decision of whether to stick around or move on toward other horizons. The MCU is a great way to boost one’s career so long as the story being told is being given the kind of respect that fans want to see, but it can be a divisive experience as well. 

Should the MCU continue to be dominant for the coming decade it’s fair to think that more and more stars are going to be drawn in to help round out the various stories that have yet to be told. After all, there are a great number of heroes and villains that have yet to be revealed, and there are a lot of different tales that can be used to entertain the fans. It’s a big hope that we’ll see as much of the Marvel universe as possible to help round the experience out, but there is an idea that the multiverse might be able to keep telling these stories in ways that will be different enough to give the fans something impressive to enjoy with each passing year. There is a balance that needs to be struck, there’s no doubt of this since relying too much on the multiverse would be a big mistake since the whole idea of depending on crossover stories could become a tired practice very quickly. 

So far the MCU has had its ups and downs and one can’t help but think that Phase 4 and the upcoming Phase 5 are going to go the same way since the reactions of the fans are not always bound to be certain. It does feel as though the MCU will keep churning out great stories that people will enjoy. There’s enough material in the Marvel universe to keep a lot of stories going for a good amount of time, and there are, undoubtedly, a lot of actors willing to help keep it going. 

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