Why Leslie Jones Would Make an Awesome Villain in Films

Leslie Jones might be waiting a while to get the call from Zack Snyder if she’s wanting to play the villain in a Justice League movie. On top of that, she might want to figure out just who she might want to be and if she’d be cool being the villain that the WB would give her. Apart from that, she might make a decent villain, so long as she could suppress her comedic act just enough to make it work. She’s technically already been a villain in a movie that came out within the last decade since her role in Angry Birds 2 as Zeta painted her as the main antagonist that eventually became a part of the group when her character reunited with Mighty Eagle, who was played by Peter Dinklage. If there are others it would appear that they’ve been forgotten or didn’t warrant that kind of attention. But it’s possible that Leslie would be a great villain if only because she does appear to be capable of an imposing look and attitude, which would be slightly offset by the fact that people would be waiting for her to say something funny. Of course, if she were to be included in a Snyder movie it’s likely that she would need to be as serious as possible unless he was able to make something with a lot of comedic undertones. It’s difficult to see Snyder making a comedy since it’s not likely and it doesn’t feel as though it would be anything but a dark, very dark comedy since his style has been anything insanely funny for a while. There’s nothing saying that Leslie can’t do this, but it would be a challenge all the same.

It’s easy to see why a lot of actors would want to try and diversify since if they’re known for one thing their entire careers then it’s likely that they’ll be forgotten quicker unless they’re simply a phenomenal talent that people will hold onto for a while. Some people like Leslie, others aren’t that fond of her, and then there are some that really don’t care so long as she’s funny when she needs to be and can just bring it when she needs to act out a part. It’s kind of hard to think of who she might want to be though since there are plenty of DC villains, but if she’s wanting to be in a Justice League sequel, the list of villains tends to dwindle just a little. There are still plenty of roles she could play, but it’s a matter of which character would be selected to go up against the Justice League. But before that, she and the fans will have to convince Warner Bros. to bring Snyder back, and right now it doesn’t appear that this is in the cards. To be sure, it doesn’t feel like it should be either since it sounds as though WB and Snyder aren’t getting along that well since Snyder wants to do things his way and it’s evident that WB wants the DC brand to head in a certain direction that Zack might not agree with. There’s no doubt that Leslie could probably find her way into WB’s good graces, but it sounds as though she would rather work with Snyder, and if that’s the case then she might have a long wait and not a whole lot of luck for a while. Plus, for some reason or another, I can’t help but think of Jamie Foxx and his turn as a villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Electro when thinking of Leslie.

The idea of someone that’s so good at comedy and drama turning into an action star still feels like a stretch, but given the right character, it does feel as though it could possibly happen. It would take some work and a lot of faith on the part of the fans, but it does feel as though it could happen. The biggest trick would be getting WB to finally take Snyder back if he even wanted to come back, and to get a Justice League 2 planned out. There’s no telling if Leslie would be able to keep her schedule free, but things tend to happen and there are always chances to be taken when trying to do something that fans will respond to. Another problem with this however is that if the fans continue to petition and finally convince WB to bring Snyder back, it’s still bound to feel as though the fans have way too much influence on what gets approved when the studio was adamant about sticking to their guns. Overall, Leslie could make this work, if WB was going to bring Snyder back, and hopefully it would be all WB’s decision and have nothing to do with the fans.

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