10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tanice Simmons

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tanice Simmons

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tanice Simmons

Tanice Simmons has managed to ensure her name is one everyone recognizes. She’s been part of reality television for some time now, and she’s got a lot of fans. Perhaps you better recognizer her name as Tanice Amira, but she’s a married woman now. She got her fame from being part of reality television, but also because she is now the daughter-in-law of Rev Run. You know him as Reverend Run, or Joseph Simmons, from Run DMC. She is a new mom, a new wife, and she’s someone the world wants to know more about.

1. Her Husband is Rev Run’s Son

Rev Run has a few kids, but his son JoJo is the one we are talking about. He is the one who married Tanice Amira and made her Tanice Simmons, and they seem like a very happy couple. They’re going through all the newlywed things like discussing babies, and making life choices, though a lot of what they are going through right now has been difficult – more about that later.

2. She Has Been With Her Husband a Long Time

Before these two got married in 2019, they’d already been together for nine years. They also had a little girl prior to their wedding. She was three in 2019, and she is the light of their lives. They knew they wanted to be a family, and they are raising her right.

3. She Got Married in A Castle

One fabulous thing about the wedding of this lovely couple is that it occurred in a castle. Not too many people get to say that they wed in a castle, but Tanice Simmons is one of them. They found one in New Jersey, too. She knew right away it was where she was getting married.

4. She Got Engaged on Television

When JoJo Simmons asked her to be his wife after nearly a decade together, he decided to do it on national television. They were filming for “Growing Up Hip Hop,” and that is when he made the decision. He knew he wanted to make it memorable for her, so he did just that. And, the entire world got to see it happen.

5. She’s Got a Famous Dad

If you thought she merely married into the hip-hop industry, you’d be mistaken. She was born into it. her father is the CEO of Selfish Music Group. His name is Kory Johnson (or, CEO Buck). He’s quite famous, so she’s well-versed in the art of growing up in the hip-hop industry. Her husband’s childhood was much like her own.

6. She is the First Run In-Law

She gets to sit back and take pleasure in knowing that she is the first daughter-in-law (or any in-law) Rev Run has ever had. She is the first, and everyone else who marries into this family is going to have to measure up to her. This is a family that adores her, and she has been part of it for a very long time.

7. She Suffered a Tragic Miscarriage

Tanice Simmons loves being a mother, and she was thrilled to find out she was pregnant with her second baby. However, she tragically lost the baby while still pregnant. She’d already shared with her friends and close family that she was expecting. Telling them she was no longer pregnant was a difficult moment in her life – almost as difficult as losing the baby she wanted so badly.

8. She’s Pregnant

Thankfully, there is a happy ending in all of the sadness for Tanice and her husband. They are preparing to welcome their second baby to the world. This time around, they are giving their five-year-old daughter a little brother. They are so happy to welcome their son into the world.

9. She’s Helped her Fans

Since her miscarriage was a very public situation, she’s had women reaching out to her left and right with their own stories of loss. She’s there for them, though she cannot respond to every single person who reaches out to her, she does want them to know that she is here, she hears them, and she thinks they are so strong to go through this life. She knows that the journey to parenthood is a tough one, and she feels the strength of so many women.

10. She’s Happy with Two Kids

Now that she’s almost a mom of two, she’s done having babies. She knows that two is the perfect number for her family, and she is happy to have the chance to raise two beautiful babies of her own.

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