10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kinsey Rose

Season 21 of “The Voice,” is already setting the stage for some of the most talented young people in the world. This show has decided to take the old adage ‘go big or go home,’ and turn it into a tangible reality for so many stars, and we cannot wait to see who wins this season. Judges like Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson and John Legend are old pros at this, and singer Ariana Grande is doing her part as a coach for the first time ever. She’s shocked by the talent, and so are we. Singer Kinsey Rose is one of the talented people who earned a spot on the show, and we want to know more about her.

1. She is from Kentucky

She was born and raised in Louisville, and she is a country girl at heart. She spent so much of her life around music, and she is someone who has a deep love for her home and for the many things that she grew up with. She might not live there anymore, but it will always be her home.

2. She is Team Kelly

She knew she wanted to be part of Kelly Clarkson’s team, and she made it happen. In fact, it might have been Clarkson herself who made it happen. She immediately used her block to ensure that Blake Shelton could not turn his chair around and take this young singer from her, and it clearly paid off as Rose took a part on team Kelly.

3. She is Living in Nashville

It’s been a decade now, and she’s living the Nashville dream. She moved there to follow her dreams and to forge her own path in the country music world, and she’s doing it. She might not be the most famous – yet – but she’s making her way through Nashville. She performs, and she’s even released an album of her own.

4. She Conned a Famous Artist into Singing with Her

Conned is a strong word, and we do not mean it in a derogatory manner. She simply met country music superstar Vince Gill back in 2015 and talked him into singing with her. He sang with her on the album she released. The title of the song they sing together is, “Fair Weather Love,” and you can find it online.

5. She’s Chasing a Dream

Like so many of the other people on the show with her, Kinsey Rose is chasing a dream. She’s been dreaming of being a successful recording artist her entire life, and she’s already reached some degree of success. However, this dream is taking her to a bigger, better more amazing place, and she’s going to do so well.

6. She Reminds Clarkson of Someone Famous

When Kelly Clarkson calls you talented, you are talented. When Kelly Clarkson calls you a singer who reminds her of the exceptionally talented Dolly Parton, you choose her and you stick with her and you live that moment a million times in your head until you literally keep living it a million more. It is a huge compliment, and she knows it.

7. She’s Private

Rose might be a woman who lives her life in the public eye, but she never shares too much. She knows when the things she’s up to in her private life need to stay private, and she keeps them there. It’s a good way to separate work from real life, and we only hope she holds on to that one.

8. She’ Got a Doppleganger

Some people think she is reminiscent of Dolly Parton as far as her voice and her style go, but there are others who think her face reminds them of someone else. Singer Kelsea Ballerini is famous, famous, and she’s someone that shares a striking resemblance to this star. There are far worse things in life.

9. She is a Dog Lover

Okay, but who is not? She has her own adorable little pup, and we cannot get enough. Max is her dog’s name. He’s a Schnoodle, and we cannot get over how cute! He’s a mixed breed. He’s a poodle and a schnauzer, and he is nothing short of completely adorable.

10. She is Making Waves

She’s already been in Nashville for a decade. She has an album. She’s worked with Vince Gill. She’s gorgeous. She’s likable, and now she is being seen by everyone in the world – well, it seems that way – while working with legend Kelly Clarkson. She’s making waves, and you won’t just see her here. She’s here to stay.

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