10 Things You Didn’t Know About Whose Line is it Anyway?

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Whose Line is it Anyway is one of those shows everyone adores. It’s a comedic show that began airing more than 20 years ago, but not much has changed. Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles spend their time taking audience suggestions and making them into hilarious skits without any notice, and they make it work. They make us laugh, and they’ve had some of the best hosts around. Originally, the show was hosted by none other than comic Drew Carey. However, that role went to Aisha Tyler following Carey’s exit, and she’s killing it, too. Here’s everything you need to know about the show.

1. It is Not Scripted

Some people believe that this show is scripted, but it is not. The show goes on every week without a script, and the comedians are forced to make things up on the spot. They are so good at what they do, though, that it always works for them. They’ve taken this show and turned it into something phenomenal, and it shows. They’re making waves in the comedy sector doing this, and they’re doing it without a script.

2. Improv is Why This Show Works

What makes this show work so well is the fact that it’s not scripted. When you take comics, and you let them loose in front of an audience without rules, ultimately, it works. These comics have been doing this for so long that they can turn anything into comedic gold in under a second flat. The fact that they are not scripted is why it’s so funny. Seeing them struggling to keep a straight face is everything.

3. There are No Retakes

This show is shot and edited without any retakes. The people working on it never go out and tell the men acting out skits to try again or work harder. They use what they have, and the authenticity makes people return for more.

Credit: Whose Line is it Anyway

4. Shooting is Done in Two Days

This show shoots 30 episodes a season, and it’s all done in about two days. This is amazing because they have so much to do. The comics get to go on stage, they perform the skits thrown their way, and the show works on breaking it down into 22-minute-long episodes to fit a season. They don’t edit, though, which is why it works so well. They just cut, snip, and paste pieces together to make things seem unique and hilarious.

5. The Show Began on British Television

For nearly two decades, we’ve been watching this show on the air, but it didn’t begin where you thought it did. The show Whose Line is it Anyway first debuted on British television in the 1980s. It was 1988, to be precise, and the show aired there for almost 11 years before it was canceled. It was Wayne Brady who spent some time over there working on it and brought it back this way. The show began airing in America in 1998.

6. There Was a Long Break

The show began airing in 1998, but it was taken off the air in 2007. It wasn’t brought back until 2013. It ends in 2022. There are other versions of the show in a few other countries, but the American version is coming to a close in 2022.

7. The Audience Does Play a Role

The audience gets to play a role in this show, and that is another reason why it works so well. Suggestions are taken from audience members for humor and laughs, and the comics get to act them out. It’s delightfully inventive.

Credit: Whose Line is it Anyway

8. The Points Really Don’t Matter

When the host issues points, it’s to the funniest of the comics. However, no one really wins. The points really don’t matter. The game is to make everyone laugh, and that’s what these guys do on a regular basis.

9. Guest Comics are Great

One of the greatest things this show has ever done is allow guest comics to come in and work as a fourth comic with the three main men. They get to showcase their own level of comedy, and it’s often impressive. In fact, you might not otherwise know some of these guests are as funny as they are, and that’s what makes this so amazing. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

10. The World Will Miss This Show

Wayne, Colin, and Ryan are three of the funniest men alive, and they make this look so effortless. The world will miss watching them perform their skits, and we hope this is not the last we see of them. We do hope that they are back in some capacity – together – in the future.

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