10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ruth Gemmell

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ruth Gemmell

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ruth Gemmell

Ruth Gemmell is a well-known actress. She’s someone who is slightly underrated considering how good she is at what she does, but she also strikes us as the kind of person who might enjoy being underrated and getting to prove the world wrong time and time again. She’s got a great attitude, serious talent, and she’s the kind of actress who has a role in almost everything. She’s talented and lovely, and we think it’s time the world gets to know her better.

1. She’s English

She was born and raised in England. She hails from a small area called Bristol, where she was raised. She spent her childhood there, and she made most of her memories there. We don’t know much about her life as a child, but we know that it was spent in this area until she moved.

2. She is a Fall Baby

Fall officially begins closer to the end of September, and Gemmell was born in October. Her specific date of birth is not something we are aware of, but we know she was born in October of 1967 in her native England.

3. She’s In Bridgerton

She’s always been famous, but it was the moment she took on a role in this hit series that brought her some serious fame in other countries. She’s been all over the map and the world with her work, but this show was one that went the route of instantly famous, and she gets some of the credit for that one. Fans got to know her well in her role, and they love her even more for it.

4. She’s Got Three Siblings

She comes from a larger family. Her parents had four kids, and of four kids, she is the only girl. We imagine that her household with three brothers was loud and sometimes didn’t smell amazing, but we bet it was also a good time. Brothers aren’t always nice to their sisters, but they’re quick to make sure no one else dares to treat their sisters with anything other than sheer respect.

5. Her Parents Divorced

Despite being one of four kids, her parent’s marriage did not last. She initially lived with her mother in a place called Barnard Castle, but she eventually moved to spend time with her father. Her dream was to act. He was living in London, and that was something that would benefit her dream of becoming an actor, so living with her father made more sense for her career.

6. She Married an Actor

Sadly, her marriage did not work out. She met a man by the name of Ray Stevenson back in 1995. They hit it off right away. He was an actor. She was an actress. They understood one another and their lives, and they made things work for a while. By 1997, they were ready to make things official. They got married, but their marriage lasted only 8 years. They were divorced in 2005.

7. She Loves Both Mornings and Evenings

She’s the kind of woman who speaks to us. She is not someone who can choose which is better – morning or evening. She loves both the rising sun and the setting sun, and the colors that they both bring to the world are beautiful in her eyes. There is no solid answer to this question, and we love that she gets it.

8. She’s Into DIY

It’s a situation you either love or you hate. No one kind of likes to do things themselves. She, however, is a huge fan of DIY projects, and she thinks that might surprise her fans and her followers. It doesn’t. She does seem like the kind of cool mom who likes to get down and dirty with a good DIY project. She’s likely good at it, too, which is why she likes it.

9. She Can’t Ride a Horse

She never learned to ride a horse, but it is something she would love to do. She did once fall from the top of a donkey as a child, which is not something anyone else wants to experience. However, she would still get on a horse if someone would teach her the proper way to do so.

10. She Learned Piano

Sorry, let us clarify that correctly for you. She took piano lessons and attempted to learn when she was in school, but it did not happen for her. Same, girl; same. I also took piano lessons growing up and still cannot play a song.

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