American Love Story: Season One Features the Iconic Love Story of JFK Jr.

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The Kennedy clan is probably one of the most followed and influential political families of all-time. It wasn’t difficult to fall in love with their movie star looks, iconic fashion statements, and charismatic personalities. They were basically the poster child of American prominence during their reign. Even though decades have already passed, and new generations have started to come of age, it’s not surprising to note that the public’s fascination of the family is not wavering anytime soon. Alas, long-time followers of the famed family won’t have to refer to old material anymore, as they have something new to look forward to. Hollywood filmmaker, Ryan Murphy, is the latest person to dip his toes into the Kennedy obsession, as he comes up with a new American Story spin-off series aptly called, American Love Story. The scripted anthology series will be made up of real and timeless love stories that have captured hearts all over the world. The first season features the story of one of the most beloved Kennedy heirs, John F. Kennedy Jr.

What Can Viewers Look Forward To?

Murphy is the brains that has been responsible for bringing hit and multi-awarded television shows into life. Some of these include, Nip/Tuck, Glee, Ratched, American Horror Story, and American Crime Story. The creative genius never fails to impress audiences with his out-of-the-box genres and inventive storylines. This time around, he plans to take viewers aboard a passionate journey that is expected to be both heart fluttering and heart wrenching, at the same time. It’s highly recommended to have a box of tissue, or better yet, a shoulder to cry on as soon as the season premieres. The upcoming limited series will tell the story of one of America’s favorite 90’s couples. Who could ever forget the whirlwind romance of modern-day prince charming, John F. Kennedy Jr, with Calvin Klein publicist and style icon, Carolyn Bessette? Their love story swept the nation by surprise, and became the talk of the entire town for years to come.

When word first hit the street that the dashing Kennedy has found a new lover in Bessette, it did not take long before everyone was all over the relationship. It’s common knowledge that when a known personality gets into a new romance, the public, and most especially the media, suddenly acts like clingy third wheels. Whether they are welcome or not, is a whole different topic. The new couple instantly became the constant subjects of multiple tabloids. To simply put it, basically everyone just wanted a piece of them. Soon enough, the fast-paced courtship ended up in marriage, and just like that, New York City lost another of its most eligible bachelors. Even after the couple’s highly publicized wedding, the public’s interest was still on an all-time high. People already wanted to be a part of their lives. Unfortunately, the fairytale-like aspect of their romance started to fade, as reality began to set in.

The media’s constant scrutiny became taxing, and the lack of privacy started to feel exhausting. Even though the couple tried to keep things as private as possible, they just could not escape the public microscope they were placed under. Rumors of career issues and family conflicts started to surface right until the couple’s tragic passing. The two, together with Bessette’s older sister, Lauren, were headed to Martha’s Vineyard when the private plane that was single-handedly flown by Kennedy, crashed into the ocean, just off the coast of Massachusetts. The reason for the crash was attributed to hazy weather conditions that may have been tricky for a pilot without enough experience. The couple’s sudden death brought shockwaves all over the world. The whole incident felt like a bad dream that one couldn’t seem to get up from. The Kennedy family is no stranger to tragedies. Throughout the years, they have experienced unfathomable deaths, and this one is no different. It has already been more than two decades since the fateful day of the plane crash, but the unfortunate accident is still very much remembered up to now. This just goes to show the lasting impact the Kennedy’s have established.

Viewers can expect the upcoming series to cover everything, from the couple’s blossoming romance to their untimely demise. The solid storyline, paired with Murphy’s unique vision and creative output is one for the books. Details on the project may still be limited at the moment, but take comfort in the fact that good things take time. Once everything finally falls into place, viewers will understand that all of this was most definitely worth the wait.

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