Five Reasons Real Lawyers Might Not Like Better Call Saul

Five Reasons Real Lawyers Might Not Like Better Call Saul

Five Reasons Real Lawyers Might Not Like Better Call Saul

TV shows aren’t always accurate, that’s kind of a ‘duh’ moment if there ever was one. In some cases, a TV program will at least attempt to stick to reality in an effort to give viewers some idea of what happens in real life. When it comes to Better Call Saul though, there’s no doubt that a lot of what you’re seeing is little more than a loosely-based attempt at reality since there are quite a few things that Jimmy does that a skilled lawyer would never do in a million years. That type of thing is usually for the sake of entertainment considering that showing too much real content isn’t always the best thing for TV and there are times when it’s best to remind the audience that the main character, Jimmy in this instance, is already on a path that will lead him to the reputation he earned on Breaking Bad, which means that he was bound to do all sorts of shaky things.

Here are a few reasons why lawyers might not like or appreciate Better Call Saul.

5. He doesn’t have a lot of respect for the legal system.

The way Jimmy goes about doing just about anything he can and anything he thinks is worthwhile makes it clear that he knows enough about the law, but he doesn’t care to follow it at all times. This could be said about a lot of people to be fair, but a lot of people aren’t sworn to uphold it in a courtroom or as part of their job. As a lawyer, it’s kind of important to know when you’re crossing the line and when to stop, not to skip over the line back and forth. The way Jimmy operates one might think that he’s only brushed up on the Idiots guide to lawyering, rather than become a certified lawyer.

4. Lawyers don’t, or shouldn’t, chase down future clients.

Typically the clients come to the lawyer or are appointed or referred to them, it doesn’t always work the other way around. Those lawyers that go running after their client, so to speak, are usually seen as kind of desperate and a bit money-hungry, not to mention unscrupulous in a lot of ways. The fact that Jimmy has done this throughout the course of the show is enough to make any real lawyer cringe no doubt since it’s easy to think that half of the stuff that Jimmy does would land him in deep trouble and might even cost him his job, if not his freedom as well. Actually confronting clients to gain their business is more aggressive than most care salesmen are willing to get.

3. Deception is not the name of the game in reality.

Jimmy’s not above deceiving people to get the results he wants and he’s proven this a time or two in the course of the show since he’s been able to find someone to help him if he needs it in order to pull the wool over someone’s eyes or disprove something or someone as he needs. Deception though is something that can get a lawyer in a lot of trouble since most everything has to be above board and visible, so to speak, when conducting a trial in order to make sure that someone isn’t being tricked in any way. But of course, Jimmy doesn’t care about fair so much as he cares about results.

2. Jimmy’s penchant for getting into trouble isn’t something that lawyers practice on average.

Any lawyer that’s watched this show is probably wondering how any show is going to stay credible when it’s kind of obvious that Jimmy would have been disbarred at some point. The kind of trouble that he gets himself into is often enough to get just about anyone tossed into jail or punished in a way that would leave a lasting impression once it was all said and done with. Obviously, this is one part of the show that the writers might need to think about from time to time since getting Jimmy out of trouble is bound to be a constant issue that they’d need to address.

1. His courtroom antics might make people believe that they can get away with this too.

It’s a big hope that no self-respecting lawyer would try anything that Jimmy has done in the courtroom since it could be enough for a judge to throw out their case and recommend a pretty stiff punishment. What’s seen on TV is meant to stay there most times since in this case, it’s an example of a guy that probably shouldn’t be practicing law no matter how smart and sneaky he is, since his moral compass is so far off. But as far as entertainment goes, the show is something that many people can agree has been a lot of fun.

This is definitely one of those times when people should enjoy the show but not feel the need to live by it.

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