10 Reasons Chelsea Peretti’s “Gina Linetti” on Brooklyn 99 is Great for #Metoo

Chelsea Peretti, aka Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is perhaps one of the funniest women around and is kind of great for the #MeToo movement. You might be asking at this point why that is and why it would make any kind of sense. Well, the truth is that she’s perfect simply because of who she is. From her attitude to her personality she’s great for the movement because she doesn’t back down to anyone on the show and in real life she’s not much different if you’ve ever seen her standup routine. As a comedian she’s simply hilarious, while as a woman she’s a strong and very resolute individual.

You could say that she’s benefited from the MeToo movement, as she has, because people are tired of watching individuals that have been accused of rape, molestation, or other sexual misconduct and want to watch someone that has not been accused of anything. As a comedian that’s great because now it seems that they’ll watch her hour-long shows and find that she’s extremely funny. Of course a lot of that is her belief, but it does make sense. Peretti is genuinely funny but she’s also not the type to throw her words out there carelessly.

Here are ten reasons why she is considered to be a good thing for the MeToo movement.

10. She has no trouble speaking her mind.

If you’ve ever watched her then you’d know that Chelsea pulls no punches when it comes to saying what she has to say. That kind of forward manner is what a lot of people figure is needed right now when it comes to women speaking their mind and making others understand.

9. Her character is a very strong-willed individual.

Even if she’s different when off screen the main point is that she shows herself as a strong and capable woman on the show and can inspire others by this example.

8. There’s really no male character that can intimidate her on the show.

Her words and her manner are so scathing at times that people just don’t know how to handle her. Most times she’ll take care of herself just fine when she has to say something and make those around her understand that she’s not in the mood to put up with their drama.

7. She has no lack of self-confidence.

Chelsea is all about talking herself up and letting people know just how great she is on the show. There’s no doubt there and no time for anything other than total confidence.

6. Her attitude is kind of aggressive.

It could be that because she is so confident that some people would take her words and mannerisms as being aggressive and even hostile at some points. But while she is a little aggressive with her attitude now and again she’s usually pretty laid back and calm with it until she needs to ramp it up again.

5. She knows how to build people up…after she builds herself up.

Building herself up seems to give Chelsea the confidence to build others up on the show. It’s almost as if she has some left over and feels the need to spread it around.

4. She doesn’t back down.

I won’t say she’s never back down, but she doesn’t back away from just anyone. She’s not the toughest woman in the world but she certainly knows how to stand on her own two feet when she has to.

3. Chelsea is just not normal, and it’s great.

Normal is a very outdated word since it no longer seems to apply to really anyone unless you’re talking about a certain group of people who want to adopt the word to describe themselves. Normal is really more of a frame of mind to describe like-minded people that get along because they’ve got enough in common. But really what it breaks down to is that normal is something that not a lot of people aspire to since so many people want to stand out. That’s Chelsea, she’s not normal and she’s very, very proud of it. In many ways people should try but not try to be more like Chelsea. It makes sense if you think about it.

2. Her language is strong enough to support her attitude.

Chelsea doesn’t mince words and says what she wants to say when she says it. Get all that? A lot of times she’s not just making things up to go along with whatever trend is popular at the moment, she’s making a statement based on her beliefs, and she’s making it as funny as she can on top of that.

1. The personality she brings to the screen is just perfect.

She’s not entirely aggressive but she’s not at all pacifistic. She’s strong, she’s confident, and she’s in your face more often than not since she can be and will be if she needs to be. That’s the Chelsea Peretti way after all.

She knows what’s up and she handles her business.

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