3 Horror Reboots from Sean S. Cunningham are On the Way

3 Horror Reboots from Sean S. Cunningham are On the Way

credit: House

3 horror reboots from Sean S. Cunningham are on the way. The three in question are Friday the 13th, The Night Driver, and a curious movie named House. It’s fair to think that a lot of people might not remember at least a couple of these movies, but Friday the 13th tends to stand out from one generation to the next. Bringing back Jason Voorhees once again comes with a lot of risks. 

However, the mere mention of bringing this villain back does excite a lot of fans. Voorhees is the type of character that lends himself well to horror fans and those who are curious about his role. As for the other two movies, it’s fair to state that horror fans could be surprised. 

House and The Night Driver are known to various fans but are not nearly as well known as Friday the 13th. Bringing them back into the mainstream could be interesting. It might go a long way toward reminding people of how effective the stories can be. House is one of many quirky horror stories that stand out for a few reasons. 

The Night Driver is even more unknown since even searching the internet pulls up a lot of hits that aren’t related. But this is where reboots and remakes become necessary and even beneficial. Bringing obscure and largely unknown movies back to life can help current horror fans appreciate these movies. 

3 Horror Reboots from Sean S. Cunningham are On the Way

credit: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is the type of movie that people continue to enjoy

At this point, it feels as though Friday the 13th is bulletproof. It’s endured through a great deal of criticism over the years, and it’s come back for one sequel after another. There are some folks that are ready to see something else come along. But there are still plenty of fans who are willing to follow this story wherever it goes. 

With that in mind, one has to wonder what direction the story will be taken in. Jason Voorhees has taken out many individuals in a lot of different ways, which means finding new ones is going to be difficult. But it’s fair to think that fans will follow whatever comes along. They’ve done so for this long, and it’s easy to think that they’ll keep doing it. 

House is bound to come off as a surprise 

The initial movie brought forth in 1986 was the story of a Vietnam vet that had horrible nightmares. The character encountered several disturbances in his home that were all threatening and definitely crazy. House ended in a way that felt triumphant but somehow still didn’t really connect with a lot of people. There are likely reasons for this, but the truth is that even four movies couldn’t keep the interest of the people. 

Honestly, this movie was far more interesting than it sounds, but it’s interesting to think of how Cunningham will bring it back. The cast and the changes to be made are going to make the difference as to whether it’s accepted this time or not. The reception of this movie wasn’t all that bad, but it still didn’t stick in memory the way other horror movies have. 

3 Horror Reboots from Sean S. Cunningham are On the Way

credit: House

It’s ambitious to bring all three movies back

It’s not likely that all three movies are going to come out that close to one another. Announcing all three of them does make it feel as though Cunningham will be rather busy for a little while. Depending on how much work he puts into each movie, it’s possible that the fans could remain entertained for a while. People could come to appreciate a couple of older movies as effective remakes. 

This is an interesting decision since it brings up older ideas that were thought to be relegated to the past. House and The Night Driver aren’t exactly well known. Friday the 13th can stand on its own without much help. But it does feel that the other two movies need a big push. Bringing them back will require more than just a statement. But it’s worth thinking of how interesting each story will become. 

If Cunningham can pull this off, then it could help bring other older movies back

When one thinks about it, there are a lot of other older movies that could use a remake. Since the idea is to bring old ideas back at this time, it’s worth looking in the archives. Granted, there are some movies that should be left alone. Others are gritty and were meant to be that way. 

But there’s no telling how Hollywood could benefit from other older movies. There are a lot of stories that have been left to the past that might be great if revisited. For now, it’s going to be interesting to see what Cunningham does with these three movies. 

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