Whatever Happened to Paul Carafotes?

Whatever Happened to Paul Carafotes?

Whatever Happened to Paul Carafotes?

Paul Carafotes is an American actor who is known for his recurring role on the TV drama “Knots Landing” from 1988 through 1991. He is also a producer, director, and writer known for the film short “Club Soda.” He has appeared in many shows, movies, and commercials and Carafotes is also a stage actor. After 2010 he seemed to fade away and we didn’t see as much of him on television. He’s made an occasional appearance on television every now and then but lately, he hasn’t appeared in any recurring television roles. What happened to Paul Carafotes? We looked into his career history and what he’s been up to lately and here is what we learned.

After “Club Soda”

Carafotes appeared in the show “Damages” for 6 episodes in the role of Ben De Falco. He made guest appearances in a variety of prime time shows. Paul appeared in the television series “Castle” in 2010, and the following year, in “The Cape.” It would be four more years until we would see him on television again. He made an appearance in the series “Criminal Minds,” and in the film short “The Love Killer” as The Wolf.” In 2016, he appeared in the TV mini-series “The Night Of,” and the following year as Lou in “Special Unit.”Paul played the role of Rod in the TV series “Mindhunter” in 2019, and as Detective Reno in “The Wolves of Savin Hill.” Most recently he has been busy with the film short “Buddie’s Last Blast” which is in the completed stage of development and as assistant director for the movie “Mank” in 2020, which is in the post-production phase. We’ve seen a few sightings of him here and there throughout the years, but he has been very busy.

His writing career

We’ve seen Paul Carafotes on some of our favorite shows and movies, then he seemed to fade away, but he had other things going along the way. He is a multi-talented entertainer and artist who has also composed music and written multiple stage and screenplays. He is also an author who has written several children’s books. “The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles!” is the kids’ book that he wrote after the birth of his son Charlie. He went on to write a series of three books in the Charlie Bubbles franchise. He has also created a musical cd of songs that go with the books as well as a complimentary coloring book.

His writing focuses on the family

Paul began writing his children’s books after his son was born. This seemed to take up a lot of his time as a professional. It’s apparent that he is a family man who dearly loves his son. The tone of the children’s books that he has written is very positive and uplifting. They focus on entertainment for the entire family. His works are available on both iTunes and Amazon for download. This is just one more aspect of his professional life that has been in full swing throughout the years. His son Charlie has also appeared with him in the film “Wolves of Savin Hill,” making his film debut. It’s great that they’re making this a family affair.

Current activities

Paul Carafotes is still active in his professional endeavors. He is working on a sports-related pilot as the writer of the show. He’s most recently made the news and gossip columns when actress Demi Moore, a former girlfriend admitted that he was the man that she was with when she cheated on her fiance the night before their wedding. After the story broke, Paul concurred that when Demi was 18 years old, she wanted to have one last fling before she got married. She reportedly climbed through his window for one more night of sex prior to tying the knot with another man. Carafotes shared that he felt guilty about being the other guy, but this was something that was hard for him to turn down at the time. They were both a lot younger at the time and that was decades ago. To our knowledge, this is the first time that he’s ever talked about it publicly.

Gaps in his television and film career

When you look through Paul Carafotes’ acting portfolio, you will notice that there are gaps in the projects that he was involved in. Sometimes years passed before he acted again, but during these times he was busy writing, directing, or producing. He hasn’t taken a break from anything really. It might look like he was absent, but Paul was busy with the stage or writing a new book or stage play, and even writing music. He’s still going strong as a professional in the entertainment business.


Paul Carafotes is a prolific actor, composer, director, producer, and writer. When you think he’s gone away, he really hasn’t He may be one of the most successful professionals in the industry today. If you’re a fan of his then you still have more to look forward to in the near future as there are yet two more projects that are in the pipeline. It will be interesting to see what he does next in the years to come. We fully expect that Paul Carafotes will continue to keep us entertained for years to come. Keep your eye out for his screenplays, occasional appearances in a prime time television series, or even in movies. Carafotes is one of those versatile artists who does very well when he is in front of the camera and also when he is working behind the scenes to help create a play or pilot for a show. He may not always appear on the screen, but he seems to be consistently working hard at the things that he does best.

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