10 Things You Don’t Know About Ned Fulmer

10 Things You Don’t Know About Ned Fulmer
10 Things You Don’t Know About Ned Fulmer

Credit: @nedfulmer

Ned Fulmer’s name is all over the media right now, but he’s not a household name for those who aren’t entirely familiar with The Try Guys. The Try Guys began as a group of four men who created their YouTube Channel. They produce content together for the channel, and humor is their genre. Originally, the group was created by four men, and Ned Fulmer was one of them. The other three men include Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, and Eugene Lee Young. They were all employees of Buzzfeed when they created their channel, and they officially founded their company in 2018. Long story short, they’ve taken on employees, they have a show on the Food Network, and they’ve authored a book.

Unfortunately, Ned Fulmer is no longer part of the company he worked so hard to find. His behavior within the company led to his removal from The Try Guys, which is now officially a trio. The world is confused by what happened and why Fulmer was removed from the channel and the group. Here’s everything you did not know about Ned Fulmer.

1. Ned Fulmer Cheated on His Wife

The elephant in the room seems like an excellent place to start. Ned Fulmer was relieved of his duties and his position within the company he founded after admitting to an extramarital affair in the office. The affair was consensual, and there was no wrongdoing in that aspect of the relationship – thank goodness – but he cheated on his wife of a decade and lied to his friends, colleagues, and audience. He broke company rules, and he was removed from his position.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Ned Fulmer

Credit: @nedfulmer

2. Fulmer’s Identity within the Group is the Wife Guy

There will always be people who fail to see why Fulmer’s situation is one worthy enough of him being removed from this group. After all, there was no sexual harassment or abuse in any capacity. The truth of the matter is that each of the Try Guys has a personality. Ned Fulmer is the Wife Guy. It’s difficult to continue an authentic and successful production of a show when the Wife Guy is now the cheating guy.

3. Ned Fulmer is a Floridian

Fulmer is a born and raised Floridian. He grew up in Jacksonville, where he was born. He was born on June 11, 1987.

4. Fulmer’s Wife is Ariel

Ned Fulmer met and married Ariel in 2012. She’s a designer who specializes in the vintage aspect of home décor and aesthetics. The same year she married her husband, she also founded her own company. The company is Fig + Stone.

5. He’s a Father

Just when you think Ned Fulmer’s story could not become sadder, it does. He is the father of two very young sons, and his actions were not just about himself or even about his wife or the woman he was seeing behind her back. He betrayed the trust of his sons, too. They’re too young to understand what he did now, but the fact that their father is famous and the internet forever means they’ll know what their father did to their family when they’re older. It will not be an easy realization for these boys. Wesley is four, and Finley is one.

6. Fulmer Met His Wife in 2009

Ned Fulmer and his wife met when they attended the same party during the holidays. Both were recent college graduates hanging out with friends and focusing on their careers and futures. They were in Chicago at the time, and they hit it off immediately.

7. They Created a Podcast Together

When Ned and Ariel began their parenthood journey, they wanted to share. In 2020, they announced that they were expecting their second baby and launched a podcast together. Their goal is to share their journey as parents, and they would eventually like to have their kids on the show to host.

8. He Wrote a Cookbook with His Wife

The Date Night Cookbook was one more thing they did together. Calling it a joint venture, they authored a book about their favorite at-home date night recipes. The concept is about cooking together, creating love in the kitchen, and spending time together as their kids sleep.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Ned Fulmer

Credit: @nedfulmer

9. Ariel Fulmer Wants Privacy

Following the news that her husband cheated on her, she asked for privacy. She made it clear in her statement that her priority is her family – her children first and foremost – and that she would appreciate the world respecting the privacy of herself and her children and their situation. She did not address the cheating rumors, but she did ask the world to let her handle her trauma without them.

10. The Couple is Working Through Their Issues

Following Ned Fulmer’s very public affair, the world wondered how this family would handle it. Will Ariel take her boys and leave her husband? It seems this couple is working things out. They’ve been spotted together wearing their wedding rings, and the rumors are rampant. However, they decide to move forward, respecting their privacy is important.

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