Did the Try Guys Make the Right Decision Firing Ned Fulmer?

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The Try Guys aren’t having a good year. Things have blown up in their faces in 2022, and it’s all because one of the original four Try Guys, Ned Fulmer, decided to cheat on his wife. Aside from the fact that cheating on his wife and their two small children is abhorrent, many are wondering why this is suddenly a big deal for his business and the other three Try Guys. After all, most people don’t end up fired from their jobs – or the companies they helped found – when they cheat on their spouse.

Sure, their names are dragged through the press, and their fans aren’t thrilled. But most cheaters are forgotten about by the world (not their spouse, though) the moment a bigger story comes along. Here we are only weeks after the entire Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo cheating scandal, and we already forgot about him, didn’t we? Let us help you understand why the Try Guys are handling this the way they are and why they fired their fourth Try Guy following his admission of an extramarital affair.

The Try Guys Have a Reputation

The thing about these four guys is that they have a reputation to uphold. Their entire brand is focused on them being certain guys within the group. Ned Fulmer happens to be “The Wife Guy,” who has founded an entire brand on the fact that he’s an excellent husband with a lovely wife, and the fact that they have two beautiful little boys only adds to his wife guy persona.

Credit: @tryguys

How do the Try Guys effectively continue their working relationship with a man who is no longer the man he said he was? Ned Fulmer is not the wife guy. He’s the guy who cheated on his wife. They have a podcast about their marriage and their babies. They have a cookbook about date night ideas. His entire working personality is all about how much he loves his wife, yet he also cheats on her. He lied, bringing their brand and working relationship to an awkward level. These four guys have worked together for over a decade, and their guy lied to him, lied to his wife, and did some ugly things.

One Fan Knew All Year

This is a situation that is not new, either. There is a woman on the internet sharing everything related to The Try Guys and Ned Fulmer. She caught Ned Fulmer in May of 2022. She photographed him, and she even sent messages, photos, and videos of Fulmer kissing his coworker to Fulmer’s wife and alerted the world. The woman didn’t like it and said she’d like to know if it were her husband. Her name is Brie, and she’s on TikTok. She’s not making light of the situation, but she is telling the world that she has known for a long time. She did say she cannot be sure that the wife of Fulmer ever saw the messages or knew about them, though.

The Try Guys Knew What to Do

Their entire brand is about being authentic and doing what they do, and they cannot do that with someone who is lying to them behind their back. Not only was Fulmer no longer the wife guy being that he was having an affair, but he was also having an affair with one of their own employees. What makes this worse is that you don’t do that. He betrayed his partners and wife, and they removed him from their company.

Credit: @tryguys

Did The Try Guys Make the Right Decision?

Yes, they did. They did make the right decision because they’re maintaining their own honesty and authenticity. They’re not condoning a relationship with an employee. Nor are they condoning a man cheating on his wife. Especially coming to work day in and day out pretending to be a good husband who loves his wife. They knew that firing him would cause backlash and questions, but they did it. They addressed it, too, and it was a great way to handle the entire situation.

“Look, what happened, it betrayed our trust, it was a workplace violation. It would mean to all the people in the office who knew what they knew…that we weren’t being true to who we said we are in our values,” is the statement made by Keith Harbersberger. He’s one of The Try Guys and makes a valid point. Their brand is their business, and their reputation is their brand. Ned Fulmer cannot come back to work with them. The three remaining Try Guys made it clear he could not come back now. And he cannot come back in the future. They’ve made their final decision.

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