Stella McDermott is Working Through Ignoring Bullies and Living Her Best Life

Stella McDermott is Working Through Ignoring Bullies and Living Her Best Life
Stella McDermott is Working Through Ignoring Bullies and Living Her Best Life

Credit: @stella_mcdermott08

When Tori Spelling married Dean McDermott in 2006, the world was surprised. She’d come out of her first marriage with Charlie Shanian the same year after being married only two years. The former 90210 stars worked on a movie in Ottawa alongside McDermott in 2005; that was the first time they met. She was married. He was married. Neither of them cared that the other was married. They quickly began having an affair, and they both quickly divorced their spouses and married one another. Some would say it’s not the best way to begin a marriage, but it did seem to work for this couple for many years. Their daughter, Stella McDermott, was born two years after their marriage, and fans seem to love her. Who is Stella McDermott?

Stella McDermott’s life as We Know It.

She is the oldest daughter in the family. She’s not the oldest child, though. Stella is a young woman who has been through a lot. Her family is constantly in the news, and she’s only 14. As if this age is not challenging enough for most girls who are completing their middle school years and heading off to high school, she’s got two famous parents whose relationship is constantly criticized by everyone.

It might seem like she has it all, being the teenage daughter of two famous actors and the granddaughter of a famous moviemaker, but it’s not all roses for Stella McDermott. For one, her family has significant financial issues that have been discussed in the press virtually her entire life. Her grandfather allegedly left his wife and daughter with nothing from his massive estate, and they are borderline broke. In addition, her mom and dad are separated, her life is falling apart, and she’s dealt with many issues in school.

Stella McDermott is Working Through Ignoring Bullies and Living Her Best Life

Credit: @stella_mcdermott08

Stella McDermott is Bullied at School

Nothing breaks a heart quite like hearing a child being bullied by another. For most of her middle school career, she was bullied by others. Naturally, this took a toll on her mental health and the way she felt as a person. You tend to feel horrible about yourself when people are unkind to you. Unfortunately, she’s young, and her coping mechanisms are not yet mature or developed enough to give her the power she needs to understand that bullies are simply unhappy about themselves and projecting their insecurities on others.

The worst thing that happened to this child is that the world says horrible things. Social media trolls make it their mission to say horrible things online about Spelling and her family. They hide behind their keyboards and make horrible comments about people, and here’s the deal with that. Tori Spelling and her husband signed up to live their lives in the public eye. While it’s unkind and unnecessary for bullies to hide behind anonymous screen names and accounts and say horrible things to them, it is part of the job they willingly signed up for when they began living in the public eye.

The children of celebrities do not get to sign up for that. There is no choice for them. Kids should be left out of it. They are minors. They are learning to deal with life as we all did, and there is no reason they should have to do that while some rude and insecure person is at home calling them names and judging them in a way they wouldn’t dare do in person if they had the chance. Kids are off-limits.

Stella McDermott is Working Through Ignoring Bullies and Living Her Best Life

Credit: @stella_mcdermott08

Stella McDermott is On the Mend

The great news is that this lovely young woman is doing well. She’s recovering from some ugly treatment. She’s a young woman who is learning to overcome the way others have made her feel in the past. She’s growing stronger. She’s enjoying school again. She’s beginning her adventure into the world of high school and changing the game for herself. Stella McDermott might not have a choice about how public her life is – to an extent – but she is making good choices regarding her reactions to the public and their way of treating her. She might be only 14, but she’s doing well with this. We don’t know her, but we are proud of her for handling bullies in class. Here’s to this young woman for realizing she’s better than those who hide behind the rude comments online, the kids in class who say mean things, and more. She’s beautiful, creative, lovely, and worth much more.

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