Why The Beverly Hills 90210 Got Canceled at FOX


The best part of Beverly Hills 90210 not being approved to come back is a toss-up between being able to say “I told you so”, “are you surprised”, and the always popular “duh” at this point since quite honestly it didn’t seem as though the excitement was going to be all that great when all was said and done. Why is that you ask? Well it’s pretty simple, the people that loved this show back in the day, no judgment since it was popular, have MOVED ON. Once a show is gone it’s easy to think that people are going to pine for it and think about the good old days, but once that nostalgia has worn off just a bit you can imagine that they’re going to remember just how they got along once the show was gone and think that it might be better if the show was allowed to keep its glory days and simply fade off into obscurity. Is it okay for the stars to reminisce and possibly come together for a reunion every now and then? Sure. In fact that would be a great idea. But as Will Thorne of Variety has said there was simply too much trouble behind the scenes to keep things on a sustainable level. In all honesty that should remind people that were fans of the show that all wasn’t well on the set back in the day either since the actors had their own sets of issues and didn’t always get along no matter how they’ve grown out of those habits, mostly.

Quite honestly the show was never one hundred percent perfect since there was always some issue waiting to crop up or that had already broken like a foul tide and was coming close to infecting just about everything it touched. From the real tension that went on behind the scenes to lies and other half-truths that came up now and again this show was built on a lot of garbage that a lot of people simply forgave since it was deemed as one of the more popular programs of the time. It would have taken a monumental act of sabotage to get this show off the air back in the day, but as of now it’s not so difficult to think that it had its time, it played it well, and it was simply time to say goodbye and perhaps have a reunion and call it good. Jennifer M. Wood of Mental Floss can give you a slew of facts about the show that might make any person think that it was definitely time to call it good when the show ended initially, since quite honestly giving the show another season to see if it can make a comeback wasn’t exactly the wisest idea but it was a gimmick that got a lot of attention. When the viewership started to drop after the initial episode though that should have been a good enough indication that the people had spoken and that the season wasn’t going to last no matter what happened.

That might sound like it’s coming from someone that didn’t watch the original show and you’d be right on that part, but instead of simply blasting the show and saying it wasn’t worthwhile I’ll say this: it satisfied a demographic that needed the show at the time. It’s true that a lot of people that watched the show couldn’t possibly relate to the rich kids living in Beverly Hills, in fact a lot of them couldn’t even relate to those that weren’t filthy rich, but it gave people a group of ‘teenagers’ to idolize and look up to since they seemed to be dealing with real-world problems despite the fact that they were seemingly elevated to a social standing that a lot of viewers didn’t think they’d ever reach. The cast was fun, edgy, and offered a new experience that people were willing to watch, so it worked and was a popular idea that continued to run thanks to the continued interest of those that made it possible and those that were banking on being able to sell merchandise that would help to bolster the image of the show. Does anyone remember that there were actually 90210 dolls that were for sale back in the day? It didn’t matter where you looked, the faces and names of the main stars were pretty much everywhere.

But like all ideas things tend to happen that leave the fans wanting more and more as the show continues to wind down and the final, gasping breaths are finally taken as the show moves on shortly after the fans have done so. Beverly Hills 90210 was a good show for its time, and the nostalgic look it was recently given wasn’t horrible, but it was at best a last chance to look back. Now we’ve done it, and now it’s time to look forward again.

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