10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Ihle

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Ihle

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Ihle

Many would agree that having a close relationship with their partner’s family is important. But how close is too close? This is something that Jason Ihle and his fiancée, Angelica, have been questioning since they started dating. Angelica and her mother, Sunhe, have a particularly close bond, which has been featured on the TLC series sMothered. Sunhe’s overbearing nature has caused many issues between Jason and Angelica. Despite Sunhe’s numerous attempts to break them up, the couple managed to stay the course. They are now the proud parents of a beautiful little girl and are enjoying their own personal happily ever after. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Jason Ihle.

1. He May Have Asian Ancestry

Very little is known about Jason’s life outside of what he’s shared on sMothered. However, it appears that he may have Japanese roots. A comment left on a photo he posted on Facebook reads, “Ihle still looks like the same Japanese kid that used to be my roommate.” Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any information about either of his parents’ backgrounds.

2. sMothered Appears To Be His Only TV Experience

Becoming a reality TV star wasn’t likely something that was ever high on Jason’s list of priorities. It’s probable that the opportunity simply presented itself due to his relationship with Angelica. So far, he hasn’t appeared on any other television shows – either reality or scripted.

3. He Was Still Married When He Met Angelica

One of the biggest issues Sunhe had with Jason was that he was still legally married when he started dating Angelica. To make matters worse, Jason had difficulty establishing boundaries with his ex-wife. After much discussion, he eventually agreed to initiate the divorce process.

4. He’s A Very Private Person

Some people may think that privacy and reality TV can’t co-exist, but that simply isn’t true. Sure, sMothered depicts some very personal moments in Jason’s life, but outside of that, he has remained tight-lipped about his private life. Unlike many other reality TV stars, he is not exploiting his time in the limelight.

5. He Works In Public Relations

Many people who have seen Jason on TV have likely wondered what he does for work. According to his Facebook profile, he is a public relations representative, though it is unclear exactly what his job entails and who he works for. Nevertheless, it appears that he is doing quite well for himself.

6. He May Have Children From A Previous Relationship

People who watch sMothered will probably think that Jason’s daughter with Angelica is his only child, but there’s a good chance that Jason has another child from his previous marriage. A Facebook photo reveals him next to a small child, and the comments suggest that it’s his son. Just because Jason hasn’t talked about having another child doesn’t mean he’s hiding it, though. Since the focus of sMothered is meant to be Angelica’s relationship with her mom, producers probably saw no need to include this detail.

7. He Loves Technology

Technology has advanced considerably over the past few decades, making it an integral part of our everyday lives. From his past Facebook posts, it is evident that Jason is a tech enthusiast and likes to keep abreast of the latest gadgets.

8. He May Be Politically Conservative

Political views don’t often come up on sMothered, but it appears that Jason, Angelica, and Sunhe lean towards the conservative side. In 2012, Jason shared on Facebook that he “side[d] 91% with Mitt Romney”. Sunhe has been vocal about her support for Trump on Facebook, and some of Angelica’s Instagram captions indicate that she, too, is conservative.

9. He Isn’t Very Active On Social Media

By now, many people have likely checked Instagram to see if Jason has an account, but it doesn’t seem that he does. The only social media platform he appears to be active on is Facebook, but he doesn’t post frequently there either. Given his preference for privacy, this isn’t too surprising.

10. His Relationship With Sunhe May Be Improving

To say that Jason and Sunhe have had a turbulent relationship would be putting it lightly. On several occasions, Sunhe made it abundantly clear that she didn’t like Jason and didn’t think he was suitable for her daughter. Fortunately, it appears that things may be looking up between the two, but only time will tell if their relationship remains strong.

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