10 Things You Didn’t Know About Peyton List

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Her name is not quite on the household names list, but Peyton List is not someone you don’t know. She’s recognized everywhere she goes for her many talented roles in films and television series. She’s young, but she’s been in the industry for years. Her talent is paramount, and her ability to take on new roles that allow her fans to see depth is second to none. If you’re unfamiliar with Peyton List, take a few moments to learn a few things about the actress you didn’t know you already knew.

1. She’s Exceptionally Young

Peyton List is young. She was born on April 6, 1998, in Florida. However, despite being born in Florida, she did not grow up there. She attended school in New York City and California, and that’s where she began her acting career, too.

2. She’s a Twin

She is one of three kids, and she is the only girl. Peyton List got to grow up being the only girl in a family of three kids, and she’s a twin. She is a fraternal twin to her brother, Spencer. They are the oldest kids in the family, and their younger brother is Phoenix. They are all actors.

3. She’s Not the Only Peyton List

Peyton List is not the only Peyton List we know, either. She is the second actress with the same name. The other Peyton List was born a solid decade prior, too. The original was born in 1986, and she is famous for her daytime soap opera roles in shows such as As the World Turns.

Credit: @peytonlist

4. Peyton List Started Her Career As a Child Model

Before she was a famous actress, she was a child model. She worked hard when she was a child to focus on her career. She starred in ads for companies who wanted models for print ads and for magazine ads. List also worked as a tween model for some of the same companies before her acting career took off.

5. Her Acting Debut Was in A Big Movie

When she was little, she had the opportunity to star in a movie. She was young, but it was her acting debut. It was a big deal for her. She starred in the hit movie 27 Dresses alongside actress Katherine Heigl. It’s a big movie for a little girl.

6. Her Big Role Was a Disney Role

International fame came to Peyton List when she was a Disney Channel star. She was cast in the hit show “Jessie” as the character Emma. From there, she was also cast in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies, too. She’s been doing some big things for well over a decade now, and she’s only 24.

7. She Once Had a Name Mix-Up with Peyton List

When Peyton List and Peyton List were staying in the same hotel at one point during their careers, things got confusing. They both kept getting their mail and messages mixed up by the staff. They didn’t seem to realize there were two guests by the same name – and in the same industry – staying in the hotel, and it made for some hilarious moments for both women.

Credit: @peytonlist

8. She’s in Cobra Kai

Another huge role for Peyton List is the role she plays in the Karate Kid spinoff. She’s Tory, and she loves the direction the character is going. It’s been good for her, and it’s been a situation that allows her to showcase her talents and abilities.

9. She Did Not Think the Cobra Kai Role Was Good For Her

When she was auditioning for the role of Tory, she didn’t think she’d land the role. Peyton List didn’t think she was bad enough to play the role, but she was wrong. She is, and she did get the role. It’s been such a fun experience for her, too, getting to play a role that is such a departure for her in terms of all she’s done over the course of her career.

10. She’s Got Different Opinions

When she and her friend Mary Mouser were playing their roles in Cobra Kai, they were asked if their characters could ever be friends. Peyton List said that some people could not be friends, and she was not wrong. Though she might be wrong about the characters as a whole, she is not wrong in general. It’s a wise opinion. Some people cannot be friends no matter how hard they try or how much others want them to. They are simply oil and water, and it is a good life lesson for everyone to remember.

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