10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay is more complex than his public presence lets on, and the world is missing out. Swearing, tough love, and redefining culinary norms are hallmarks of every TV show in which Gordon Ramsay appears, and he is widely recognized as the reason for Ramsay’s fame. From the early 2000s until 2022, he consistently published many reality culinary shows, including the critically acclaimed Next Level Chef and Future Food Stars. But Ramsay is a lot more nuanced in real life than he appears on TV. Things that even a self-proclaimed fan wouldn’t know about him provide far more depth to his persona than his incessant F-bomb use. If you can’t see passed that, you might miss out on Ramsay’s depth and complexity as a person.

10. He Is A Black Belt In Karate

Ramsay claims he first became interested in karate because he recognized its artistic value. Just like anything else in life, it took him a couple of years of dedicated practice to reach his goal of becoming a black belt in karate. This should be no surprise, given Ramsay’s reputation as a champion of putting in long hours. One of the competitors tried to smack him in Hell’s Kitchen, but he was able to deflect it because of his quick reflexes. His calm demeanor in the video is credited to the discipline he’s learned via his karate training. As a bonus, one of Gordon Ramsay’s most memorable statements comes at this juncture.

9. Gordon’s Humble Beginnings

Prior to becoming a chef, he washed dishes at a neighborhood Indian restaurant where his sister was a waitress. He will surely value his successes even more because of his meager beginnings. His goal as a parent is to instill in his children a desire to work hard and achieve their goals, just as he did when he began his journey and established his own business from scratch. He has earned what he owns the hard way, so he understands its value and importance.

8. His Voice Acting Career

More roles have been voiced by Gordon Ramsay than most people realize. It’s likely that he’ll voice a chef in an animated picture, as his characters tend to reflect his enthusiasm for the kitchen. He’s provided his voice for characters including Big Hero 6’s Bolton Gramercy, Phineas and Ferb’s chef, Mickey and the Roadster Racers’ chef, and even his own animated self in shows like The Simpsons.

Credit: @GordonGram

7. His Aspirations To Be An Athlete

Ramsay’s early life aspirations diverged from those of a chef. He had aspirations of making it as a soccer player, debuting for Warwickshire when he was just 12 years old and went on to star for Glasgow Rangers. His book reveals that he was a young prospect and played in a few games. But things didn’t go as planned, and Ramsay was seriously hurt, so those hopes were dashed. Then, at age 19, he began his career in the hospitality industry after attending culinary school.

6. Gordon’s Political Stance

There may not be many people who realize that Gordon’s dream celebrity dinner guest would be Hillary Clinton. He has prepared meals for political figures, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his guests. When asked to put together a menu for a banquet at Blenheim Palace that Donald Trump was scheduled to attend, he said, “No, thank you,” as the Daily Record UK reported. It’s inspiring when an A-lister acts in accordance with their principles.

5. He Has Kicked Celebrities From His Restaurant

Joan Collins wasn’t expecting to be kicked out of one of Ramsay’s restaurants by the owner himself when she and former food critic A. A. Gill dined there. The fact that he is known as a harsh person is one of the least-liked things spoken about him, but in reality, he is only rude to people who deserve it. According to the interview, Gill had criticized Ramsay’s meal, and he became so proud and angry that he requested the two of them to leave the restaurant, leaving the actress seething. He told Collins that his mother had never forgiven him for evicting her, and he eventually did apologize to her.

4. Does He Use Botox?

Among Ramsay’s many obscurities is the fact that he has had botox. It must be difficult to always be in the public eye, but for Ramsay, the jokes made about his wrinkles by his own family pushed him over the edge. Exaggerated expressions age the face prematurely. After being asked by his children why he appears so much older than their friends’ dad, he said in an interview that he wouldn’t do it again. The result was him getting wrinkle fillers despite the jokes from the cosmetic surgeon that “he’s not touching that forehead.”

3. Gordon Ramsay OBE

For his contributions to the hotel business, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II appointed him an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). Ramsay has since claimed that after receiving his honor, Queen Elizabeth quietly whispered “F- off” to him as a joke due to his usual foul language on TV. 

Credit: @GordonGram

2. He’s Not As Mean As He Looks On TV

If you’ve only seen Ramsay on his infamous cooking shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen, you might not realize that he has a completely different personality when he’s with his kids. Working on MasterChef Junior, he was patient and supportive of the young contestants, recognizing their need for guidance while still developing their skills. When one of the children accidentally started a fire in the kitchen, he handled the situation with cool composure, never raising his voice or frightening the child. There’s no doubt that Gordon Ramsay has a gentler side, one that he just doesn’t share with obtuse grownups.

1. His Kids Will Not Have An Easy Ride

Gordon Ramsay didn’t always have money and had to work hard to build what he has now. To instill in his children the same sense of modesty, he declared that they would receive none of his fortunes. They are not permitted to dine at any of his restaurants, and he does not cover the cost of first-class airfare unless they can cover it themselves. Though much has been said about Ramsay’s character, his deeds speak louder than words. He is training his children to be strong, independent people who aren’t swayed by material success.

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