Someone dubbed Gordon Ramsay’s insults from “Hell’s Kitchen: into “MasterChef Junior”

Someone dubbed Gordon Ramsay’s insults from “Hell’s Kitchen: into “MasterChef Junior”

The fact that someone dubbed Gordon Ramsay’s insults from Hell’s Kitchen into MasterChef Junior seems to mean that they think it’s just flat out funny when Ramsay goes off like that. Well, they’re not wrong, but using it in a kids’ show would be something uniquely evil to be honest since Ramsay, when he really gets going, can act like a madman and his rants are famous at this point. Just imagine him going off on a kid like this, I think the parents would come storming out of the wings armed with whatever they could in order to teach him a lesson.

Honestly the most confusing part about Ramsay is that apparently off the set he’s a big softy. He doesn’t yell at his people unless he’s extremely stressed and his role on Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares is a made up persona that got introduced for ratings. I do wonder though on both shows if he apologizes off screen so that people won’t leave the studio in tears thinking they’re worthless. If he ever did this to kids it seems like it would leave a seriously big emotional scar since kids don’t always react the way adults do. They tend to take things to heart a lot more since they don’t have the experience behind them to deal with it in the same manner. Even some adults can’t stand up to Ramsay when he really gets going.

Anyone that can stand up to this guy when he gets rolling is supremely tough when it comes to their emotions and their overall mentality. He can hurl insults like a master and throw a fit like a two-year old when he’s good and mad. But the fact that most people should know by now that it’s all for show is something that kind of deflates that big rage balloon and makes him seem less than cuddly but more than the monster he appears as.

Having watched him on MasterChef Junior more than once he’s at least honest with the kids and gives them constructive criticisms when he can about their food. Plus he’s a lot kinder to the kids, thankfully, and encourages them whenever possible. This dubbing clip is something that makes me think that someone might be a tad bit jealous that only the adults seem to get his ire. On the one hand the adults can and should be able to handle it better since they’re usually experienced chefs that should know what they’re doing and have been put on TV for a reason. It’s not to look good or become a star, it’s to show that they have what it takes to impress someone like Ramsay. No one deserves this kind of treatment but every now and then a person will come on the show that thinks they know everything and are hot stuff, and then it becomes fun to watch Ramsay rip into them.

But with kids? He’s a pretty big softy and he’s on his best behavior, which is usually pretty nice to see.

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