You Should Check Out this Extended Clip of ‘Venom 2’

Anyone that doesn’t know who Carnage is yet is going to find out quickly since once his face is plastered up even more this nightmarish character will become yet another pop culture icon that people will be talking about for a while to come. The funny thing about this is that a lot of folks might have thought that Venom and Riot were tougher than hell, but Carnage kind of puts them to shame since while does have the standard weakness to sound and fire, he’s able to withstand such negative stimuli far easier than his creator. In the comics, Carnage was created when Venom ‘birthed’ another symbiote that was left in the same cell that Eddie Brock shared with Cletus Kasady, but it would appear that in the movie Cletus is going to bite Eddie hard enough to draw blood, and he’ll end up ingesting some of it, which means he’ll end up ingesting some of Venom’s essence as well. Since Brock and Venom are bonded, that means that Cletus will have taken in something that he had no knowledge about, but will end up changing his life in a way that definitely fits his murderous personality. 

The funny thing about this is that a lot of movies these days have been doing their best to make certain that villains aren’t always seen as a stereotype, meaning that there’s a reason that they turned bad. Heck, Walter White from Breaking Bad was trying to support his family, Thanos was trying to make the universe a better place, and so on and so forth since there’s always a reason to go bad while trying to practice good intentions. Cletus leans so heavily into the stereotype that, well, he IS the stereotype since he’s simply bad to the core. This is a guy that did have a hard childhood but actually came to enjoy the killing and mayhem that he caused since it made him feel powerful and, more to the point, it was fun. 

Cletus doesn’t have remorse for the things he’s done, and he doesn’t care for the lives of others unless there’s something in it for him, which is to say that he doesn’t care for most people. Those that are like him might actually have a chance to stand at his side rather than get mowed down by him, like Shriek, but everyone else is going to stand little to no chance. In the trailer, it’s made clear that even Venom doesn’t want to stand up to Carnage, but he will when Eddie makes a deal with him. Carnage is just like Venom save for a couple of big differences. For one, Carnage is bonded to Cletus from the inside, meaning that every part of Cletus is Carnage, and vice versa. Venom is bonded to Eddie as well, but not by blood, no matter how it might look. The second big thing is that Carnage is absolutely psychotic, where Eddie and Venom might be a bit nuts but otherwise not as ready to butcher the world as Cletus and Carnage might be. Eddie tends to put limits on Venom to ensure that things don’t get out of hand, Cletus lets Carnage take over since their goals are so aligned that they might as well be the same being without any distinction. 

The prison break scene shown above is just a taste of what’s coming in the movie, and one can easily guess that the showdown between Venom and Carnage is going to be even better than the first movie when Venom took on Riot, since Carnage has the same capabilities that Riot did, but uses them far more and to a great degree since the types of weapons and attacks that Carnage has used in the comics has been absolutely insane. One thing that is kind of a big hope is that bringing Carnage into the mix will one day mean that we’ll see more of a crossover with the heroes and villains of the MCU and with Sony since Carnage has gone up against several individuals in the Marvel universe, including Deadpool of all people, and there’s a huge hope for a showdown that could elevate both the MCU and Sony in the process. 

For now though, enjoying Carnage’s debut on the big screen is going to be fun since the red-skinned symbiote has always been one of the deadliest of his kind since he can take Venom to the limit and has been a serious villain for Spider-Man for quite a while. How Sony will handle this character has yet to be seen, but this tornado action in the clip is kind of intriguing since it does show that Carnage is insanely powerful, not to mention completely off his rocker in many ways. Get ready for mayhem. 

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