Ahsoka Welcomes Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a Fan Favorite Hero

Ahsoka Welcomes Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a Fan Favorite Hero
Ahsoka Welcomes Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a Fan Favorite Hero

credit: Star Wars

The Ahsoka series is still pushing ahead as another name has been added to the cast recently. Fans will be glad to hear that Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be assuming the role of a favorite character, Hera Syndulla, the Twi’lek pilot from Rebels that people grew to enjoy a while back. Hera has been a fan favorite since her arrival to the franchise and has been a huge contributor to the Rebellion ever since. The end of her bio details her ascension to the rank of general but doesn’t really go any further beyond that. Where the Ahsoka series will place her is hard to say, but the series will be taking place five years after Return of the Jedi and directly on the heels of The Mandalorian season 2. This means that Ahsoka will be seeking Grand Admiral Thrawn, as it’s already been established in the second season of The Mandalorian during her fight with magistrate Morgan Elsbeth. Unless there’s a hidden cameo that no one has noticed yet (doubtful), the Ahsoka series will be a highly anticipated story for a number of reasons, given that it’s already been confirmed to bring in Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren. The inclusion of Hera will be another reason for people to watch and hope that the live-action version will be as accurate as possible. 

Ahsoka Welcomes Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a Fan Favorite Hero

credit: The Mandalorian

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is no stranger to action. 

In the past several years, she’s taken on a few roles that have required her to get comfortable with action scenes, and the truth is that Hera is not a primary combatant, though she knows her way around a blaster and is an ace pilot that knows how to navigate a battlefield. She’s stayed alive for this long for a reason, and it’s not just because she’s made friends with a couple of Force-users. As the daughter of the revolutionary Cham Syndulla, who was easily a force to be reckoned with in the animated feature, Hera learned how to be as effective as she could in order to help those in need. One thing that does stand out, however, is that she’s also interacted with the Bad Batch and even been friendly with Omega.  That makes it easy to wonder if there’s even a chance that these individuals will show up in the Ahsoka series or if their story will have played out by this point since it did start years earlier. 

Fans are no doubt going to wonder how the story will tie together. 

The fact is that Ahsoka did work alongside Hera and those she operated with, but she also went down her own path as well a lot of the time. How this series is going to be worked into the overall franchise is uncertain at this time, but it’s apparent that she’ll be seeking Grand Admiral Thrawn. Whether this is her main goal or just one of several it’s fair to wonder how this story is going to go since bringing in Hera, Sabine, and Ezra is bound to make a lot of fans wonder how things are going to play out. This has been something that people have been wondering about for a while since the announcement that there would be a series featuring Ahsoka, and it’s going to remain a wonder until the series finally drops in 2023. 

Ahsoka Welcomes Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a Fan Favorite Hero

credit: Kate

Another hopeful name to see in this series is, of course, Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

Given how much this character had to do in the animated series, it feels justified to wonder if he’ll end up being one of the main antagonists that show up in the series and if he’ll stick around or be a here-and-gone type of character. Thrawn has been a name that many fans have wanted to hear more of when it comes to Star Wars, especially since before the animated series, he was a name relegated mostly to the books and comics. So far, he’s been an impressive presence to many, and it’s been noted that many people desire a live-action version. How this will work remains to be seen, but many are willing to guess that it will be every bit as impressive as they’re hoping. 

Hera is bound to be more of a supporting character than a main part of the story. 

One has to remember that this will be Ahsoka’s show, but it’s fair to expect Hera and the others to have a strong presence when they’re around. But overall, it does feel important to think that she’ll serve as support to the main character and not much else. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been a lead, and she’s been a supporting character, so it won’t be anything new. Quite honestly, putting Winstead and Dawson together in the same series, and as characters that know and respect each other, sounds like a recipe for success in this case. 

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