Why Shriek Deserves a Solo Movie/TV Series

Why Shriek Deserves a Solo Movie/TV Series

Why Shriek Deserves a Solo Movie/TV Series

Shriek is one of the last people that anyone wants to raise her voice since that’s when the real trouble starts. As a Marvel villain, she’s managed to gain a fair amount of attention over the years and has been associated with Carnage for a while since her head is a little bit screwed up after dealing with the cards that life dealt her. But one thing that’s really dangerous about Shriek is that while she’s not the toughest villain around she can cause some damage since she’s quick, durable, and her sonic capabilities are scary enough that she’s not one to take lightly. It’s not just her scream that a person has to be alert for though, it’s the fact that she has a power called dark empathy, meaning she can tap into the darkest part of a person’s psyche and send it racing forward, forcing this aspect to take over as people will find themselves doing things that they never would have thought of doing under normal circumstances. Triggering the darker, more negative impulses that people harbor is a power that a few people in the Marvel universe can do, but this is one individual that will do it just to cause mayhem. 

Shriek isn’t exactly the most mentally sound individual since she definitely appears to revel in a life with Carnage and others throughout the course of her life in the Marvel universe, as her desire to have a family leads her to some of the most insane individuals around. It’s hard to say what she’s going to be like when we get to see her in Venom 2: Let There be Carnage since comic book characters do tend to change during the transition from the page to the screen, but the hope is that not a lot will change since she’s an under-utilized character that feels like she deserves a little more exploration. 

Her powers aren’t exactly that unique since there are several sonic-based characters in the Marvel universe, and mind control on any level isn’t a new power either, but the fact that Shriek is a bit nuts even if she appears to be capable of keeping herself lucid, means that she’s also a bit of a psychopath, which would explain why she got along with Carnage so well. But giving her a solo outing feels like it might help to explain her as a character a little more and perhaps even create a bit of interest that might lead into something else that could be entertaining and enlightening, and possibly give the MCU another female character that’s intriguing enough to follow. Given that there are so many characters on the Marvel roster to think about at this time it’s very easy to concede that many fans are bound to come up with one name after another, but it never hurts to put another idea out there to marinate a bit. One story that comes to mind, especially now that Deadpool is under the Disney umbrella and is coming to the MCU, is to put the merc with a mouth against Carnage and Shriek, if only to introduce her and thereby give the character r chance to find her bearing. 

Bringing Shriek into the fold as more than just a sidekick would be interesting since trying to develop her into someone that might be just as dangerous as she appears to be would be a lot of fun no doubt. We’re going to have to see how she does in the Venom sequel, but so far the trailers make her appear to be pretty tough, though as it’s already been mentioned many times, the transition from the comics to the movies can be a rough one since those in charge of the writing and development tend to switch things around a bit now and then, and while some of the heroes and villains have ended up being left as they were and have come out looking great, there have been a few flubs as well, and it’s too easy to expect something to happen to characters that ave looks and outfits, and even powers, like Shriek. For one reason or another, they tend to get messed with when it comes to their looks, and that’s something that one can’t help but think is a little bit ridiculous when it comes to making them as impressive as possible, but oh well.

Shriek would definitely need a great intro to take on her own show or movie, so hopefully the Venom sequel will do this and won’t end up killing her right out of the gate, since that would be a great deal of irresponsible storytelling, especially since she’s been alive in the comics for a while. But again, whatever happens will happen. It’s a big hope that Shriek will stick around for a while. 

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