Five Things We’re Expecting from the Hawkeye Series


Any and all excitement for Hawkeye’s solo series feels like it’s somewhat muted in comparison to his fellow Avengers, and it could be due to the fact that apart from Black Widow he’s the only non-augmented human on the team. But time and time again he’s been shown to be resilient and far more important than a lot of people give him credit for since, to be honest, Green Arrow gets a lot more respect in DC than Hawkeye. This series is hopefully going to go a long way toward building up Hawkeye’s reputation in the MCU, and will possibly even give him a way to finally bow out gracefully or become more important to the team depending on Jeremy Renner’s and Disney’s decision to keep the character or retire him. 

With all that in mind, here are a few things we’re hoping to see in the upcoming Hawkeye series. 

5. It would be great to see Hawkeye actually show that he is mostly deaf.

This might actually be revealed as it’s been a part of more than one discussion since the Avengers movie came out. Hawkeye, in the comics, is mostly deaf, and has to use specialized implants that allow him to hear, and were devised by Tony Stark. But how the series will go about it is going to be interesting since it’s never really been touched on over the years. But what’s funny is that in the Old Man Logan comic series, the old Hawkeye is blind and relies on sound, so without both senses, it feels like he’d be nearly helpless, though one can imagine that the writers would compensate him somehow. 

4. Hawkeye’s final retirement would be great to see.

Considering all he’s done in the MCU and all he’s been through, and the fact that the lineup is changing as the movies continue, it might be time to say goodbye to Hawkeye and let the character go on and live a quieter life with his family. There’s really no telling if there will ever be a cameo here or there in the future since despite what anyone has said at this point it’s still easy to think that it might happen now and then. But at this point, it’s easy to say that it might be time for the character of Clint Barton to finally be given what he might really want, a chance to just be a family man without being on call. 

3. Taking over another Avenger’s team would be interesting. 

If he does get kept on and Jeremy Renner wants to keep making movies, then perhaps opening up a West Coast Avengers or another team might be the way to go since Hawkeye has been a mainstay on the team for quite a while and is one of the oldest members. In the MCU he’s one of the founding members, even though he didn’t make it onto the team in the comics until around 1965 when he joined in issue #16. Until that time he was a villain, but for decades now he’s been a part of the team even though he’s left it, been kicked out, and has been a problem child on the team now and then. 

2. Being given a little more importance in the MCU could help.

This is a subject that’s up for debate since Hawkeye is one of the only people on the team without a special power or ability or tech that could set him high above the others. He’s a guy with a bow and arrow that has specialized arrows and a very high level of training that allows him to hang with the others. But he’s still such a highly skilled individual that in the comics he’s been capable of amazing feats and his marksmanship does set him apart from the others in a big way since he’s been pulling his weight since the first Avengers movie. Giving him a little more prominence would be a positive thing. 

1. Seeing Kate Bishop join the Avengers would be very cool. 

She did make it into the Young Avengers, but it sounds as though she’s never made the main roster despite her level of skill and the fact that an actual Avenger has mentored her and made it possible for Kate to become just as good as he is, more or less. But seeing Kate elevated to the role of an actual Avenger on the main roster would be pretty cool since it would give a lot of hope for the future of the MCU and it might lock down another famous up-and-coming name that Hollywood has to offer. Plus, the idea of starting out with younger stars that can help to lead the coming phases would be a smart idea. 

I can’t be the only one hoping that this series becomes one of the best in the MCU. 

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