This Video of Yoda Talking Like a Normal Person

Was anyone else a little uneasy with that? Listening to Master Yoda’s voice speaking a normal, even grammatical sentence kind of just slapped my childhood years upside the head, but it’s alright now. The fact is that pretty much anyone who loves Star Wars has grown up with Yoda speaking his backward, broken sentences since as far back as they can remember, and trying to reconcile that with this is all kinds of messed up since the mind gets used to certain ideas over time and when they’re challenged one of the instant reactions is to say ‘nope’ and walk the other way. But this was a little bit interesting since it wasn’t too bad, despite what I said. It was simply jarring and not exactly expected given that Yoda’s broken and backward speech pattern has been how we’ve come to know him over the years, and it’s been this that has helped to define his species a bit more since Yaddle and every other character that fans have seen in the video games have had this same type of speech pattern. It’s expected, it’s comfortable, and it’s what we tend to want to hear.

I would say that it’s not likely that we’ll ever hear Yoda speak in this manner in an actual Star Wars series or movie, but that’s kind of hard to say since there’s no telling if he’s going to show up in many more in the years to come. It all depends on the time period that people are going to be making the movies in. To a certain degree, he’d be present if stories of the Old Republic were advanced to the point where he entered the story since one has to remember that Yoda was 900 years old when he finally passed, so he’d seen a LOT of galactic history and likely participated in his fair share if not more. Also, one has to consider that among the Jedi there’s no one more powerful in Yoda’s time, as far as we know, apart from Anakin Skywalker, who is still bound to spark debate when it comes to his own creation.

Yoda is a being that saw the fall of the Old Republic and the first Galactic Empire, and its subsequent fall and the rise of another Republic. One could say that he’d ‘been there, done that’ a few times and had lived to tell the tale. He became a Jedi Master by the time he was 100 years old after all, and many Jedi had likely already passed from old age. Yoda likely saw many powerful Jedi come and go during his time and he likely trained quite a few of them, but being so long-lived he was one of the only Jedi that managed to stick around so long and being as skilled in the Force as he was didn’t hurt his chances either. It would actually be pretty cool to see Yoda show up in a Star Wars movie or a series again if only to hear the little green guy give out some advice, or to see how he got his start. Wouldn’t be something, to see Yoda as a padawan or even as a knight instead of an aged and wizened master.

It’s a big question mark as to whether we’ll see much of Yoda in the years to come since it could be that this character has run his course unless Disney starts showing movies prior to the prequels. There’s so much Star Wars lore to pull from when it comes to the years before the prequels that it feels as though it would be a shame to not explore them fully and see what can be done with them. Seeing how Yoda got his start would be great since the secret of his planet and his species doesn’t need to be revealed, but figuring out how he got started would be great since he was introduced into Star Wars as a wise old character, which means he hasn’t had nearly as much character development over the years as others, even though he has changed in a great way since his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Seeing him again would be a lot of fun, especially if fans were given the chance to see him develop from an uncertain Force user to the awesome character he became.

But his speech pattern would need to remain the same likely to keep the fans happy and not as creeped out since listening to him talk in full sentences was, well, weird. It wasn’t too horrible, but it was awkward. Just imagine if those around him had heard this happen in the movies. A lot of them might have wondered if something was wrong with Yoda if he started talking in full sentences that could be easily understood.

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