10 Things You Didn’t Know About Paige Elkington

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Paige Elkington

Paige Elkington

In the relentless pursuit of attention and fame, individuals like Paige Elkington will often forsake their ethical principles. Becoming a public figure comes with its fair share of fame, challenges, and hurdles. While there’s no defined pathway to fame, many would rather work hard for it, no matter how long it takes. However, some would rather take the quick road.

Elkington is a good example of people willing to do anything necessary for fame. Paige’s rise to fame began after posting a sexually graphic video on Instagram. In a few hours, the video went viral and immediately put her in the spotlight. Since then, Paige has focused on her career as a model and actor. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Paige Elkington.

1. Paige Elkington’s Alleged Sex Tape Leak

Paige Elkington on Instagram

On September 2, 2019, a video on her Instagram went viral. The video was of her and DJ Flume allegedly engaging in oral sex. Paige Elkington’s fans were certain she was the woman in the video, although she did not confirm this. The video had the caption, “Sorry, mom.” She seemed not to be in her right mind while posting the video and quickly regretted it. She deleted the video, but since the internet never forgets, several sites were quick to repost it and have a field day with her. Some of her fans claimed she sought short-lived fame through the video.

2. Paige Elkington Sells Temporary Tattoos

Paige Elkington temporary tattoos

As a model, Elkington has extended her skills to selling temporary tattoos. These tattoos are available online through her official website. As seen in her Instagram photos, she even wears some of the tattoos she sells, which will likely attract potential customers. The temporary tattoos stand out with varying symbols that often carry a message.

3. How Paige Elkington Became A Model And Actor

Model Paige Elkington

After graduating, Paige Elkington worked at a music management company in South Carolina and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a similar job. In an interview with Standard Hotels, Elkington stated she soon began getting jobs as a model in Los Angeles and got booked for various events. Elkington performed at several events and soon realized that the income from these activities was more than her salary. She decided to quit her job at the music management company and focus on modeling and acting. Elkington discovered that she was best suited for modeling and acting and found the acting career therapeutic for her.

4. Paige Boasts A Substantial And Peculiar Group Of Fans On Social Media

Paige Elkington with her dog

Elkington has a large following on her social media platforms, particularly Instagram. She uses these platforms to share her experiences, videos and advertise her temporary tattoos. Elkington has over 131k followers on Instagram and a link to her YouTube channel on her profile. Although Elkington has a Twitter account, she’s less active there than on Instagram.

5. Paige Elkington’s Relationship

Paige Elkington in a pool of water

Paige Elkington and Harley Streten, better known as DJ Flume, were in a romantic relationship as far back as 2019. Initially, their relationship was kept a secret, but it came to public attention when a video of them engaging in oral sex went viral. Flume is a DJ, record producer, and music programmer. During one of his performances, Flume turned to Elkington for a steamy moment, which resulted in the viral video. After the incident, the couple was spotted together in various places and embarked on a tour in Asia. However, it’s uncertain if Elkington is still dating DJ Flume, as neither has shared pictures of each other on their social media pages.

6. Paige Elkington Creates Comedy Videos

Paige Elkington funny Instagram picture

In addition to her pursuits in acting and modeling, Paige Elkington showcases her comedic talents as well. Utilizing platforms like YouTube and Instagram, she crafts funny videos that resonate with her online audience. Elkington’s image has found its way into various memes, some of which have achieved viral status. It sparked fan speculation, with some suggesting a romantic connection between Elkington and her comedic counterparts. However, Elkington swiftly dismissed such rumors, clarifying that their interactions were purely within the comedy circuit, centered around shared interests and camaraderie. Her drive to narrate her personal story through the medium of theatre is a driving force behind her creation of comedic videos, adding depth and purpose to her online endeavors.

7. Paige Elkington Is Also A Film Writer

Paige Elkington in Funeral Rehearsal

Having developed a passion for acting, she hopes to have more creative control in the industry. Paige Elkington is interested in having more creative control over her acting career. Elkington has been credited as a writer in three productions. She co-wrote the 2017 short film The Metal Detector, Jessica (2019), and Funeral Rehearsal (2021).

8. Paige Elkington’s Acting Career

Paige Elkington in Wobble Palace

Besides her modeling career and Instagram viral video, Paige Elkington starred in a few films. Elkington’s film debut was in 2016 when she played Ashley in Mono. In 2018, Elkington landed her first role in a feature film when she played Caroline in Eugene Kotlyarenko’s romance comedy-drama Wobble Palace. Elkington has an upcoming movie, Snow Valley, currently in post-production.

9. Paige Is An Advocate For Prison Reforms

Paige Elkington on angel wings

Prisoners are often treated cruelly due to the perception that they are simply criminals. Paige Elkington has a strong passion for advocating for the welfare of prisoners, claiming that most of them endure inhumane treatment, particularly in Los Angeles. She points to Los Angeles having the world’s largest prison system and the country’s most stringent bail system. She stands up for people who end up in prison due to survival crimes, poverty, and homelessness. She wishes those who handle prisoners would have more compassion and so works with an organization to ensure the success of reforms.

10. Paige Elkington’s Favorite Alcohol Brand

Paige Elkington with friends

Paige Elkington’s favorite brand of alcohol is tequila. In one of her past interviews, Elkington added that her drug of choice is Ambien or a small dose of mushrooms. She has several photos on her Instagram enjoying a shot of tequila. If there’s one thing Paige Elkington is extremely good at, it’s having fun!

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