10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amber Riley

You might know her as Amber Riley, or you might know her simple as Riley. She goes by both, and she’s all right with it. She’s an actress and a singer. She’s an activist. She’s a writer. She’s a little bit of everythinghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amber_Riley, and there is nothing wrong with being multi-talented in a world where so many people do just that with their lives. She’s someone who has led a fascinating life, and we thought her fans might want to learn a few things about her they didn’t already know. If you’re someone interested in this talented young woman, sit back and prepare to get to know her a lot better.

1. She’s an 80s Girl

Being born and raised in the 80s is such an amazing thing. It really was the best childhood decade. She was born in 1986. Her birthday is February 15, which is just one sweet day after valentine’s day. She’s preparing to celebrate her 35th birthday when 2021 arrives.

2. She’s A California Girl

In addition to growing up in the 80s and 90s when life was so simple and so much more enjoyable, she was also born and raised in Los Angeles County. She’s a California girl through and through. She’s spent her life there. She graduated from high school in 2004 from the La Mirada High School.

3. She Tried Out for American Idol

Back when season two was in full swing, she just knew she would make it. She auditioned for the show, but she did not make it. The producers didn’t want to see more of her for whatever reason, but we have a feeling that they are the ones who regret that decision. She’s gone on to earn nominations for a Grammy Award, and she was one of the stars of the hit musical show “Glee,” but that all worked out much better for her.

4. She’s a Dancing Star

When she was approached and asked to join season 17 of Dancing with the Stars, her reality show dreams came true. She might not have won or even been chosen to participate in American Idol, but she took home the mirror ball trophy at the end of this reality show. She was with Derek Hough, and the two really killed everything they did on the dance floor.

5. She Says Rejection is Part of Life

We knew we loved her anyway, but Amber Riley is wise beyond her years. She’s got advice for people who are looking to get what they want out of life. You cannot be afraid to ask for what you want. Why? Because you’re going to get rejected – sometimes. And, sometimes, you’re not. But, you cannot be afraid of rejection. It’s part of life. It happens, and it’s what it is. You cannot be afraid of it, or you’re never going to get what you want. You can be miserable either way.

6. She’s Engaged

She’s engaged! She made her announcement only a month before Christmas in 2020, and we are so happy she has something so good to look forward to, and that something so lovely happened to her this year. She is getting married to Desean Black, and she could not be more excited to his future Mrs.

7. She Made the First Move with Her Future Husband

Here you go, men and women; you have to be willing to make the first move. She saw him, she liked him, and she did the new thing and slid right into his DMs with a simple ‘hello,’ that led to an engagement. You cannot be afraid of rejection, and she lives that truth in her own life. She made the move, she got what she wanted, and now look at her.

8. She’s Got Favorite Christmas Music

This time of year is so beautiful, and we all blast our holiday music on repeat for the entire month. Like us, Amber Riley has some favorites this time of year. Like us, she’s a huge fan of anything Nat King Cole when it comes to Christmas songs – they’re just so good. However, also like us, she loves Boyz II Men, and she really loves Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas,” which is the most played staple in our house since all four of our kids love this one, too. She clearly has excellent musical taste.

9. She’s Private

She’s private on purpose, too. She likes to have something that is just hers in a world where she gives so much of herself to everyone else. She is not looking to spend her life giving everything she has to the world, but she does want to keep some of her most private moments just like that. It’s exactly what she should be doing, too.

10. She Knows She’s a Leading Lady

If there is one thing the world can take away from this about Amber Riley, it’s that she is a leading lady, she knows it, she’s proud of it, and she will never stop being one. Everyone should take that kind of advice and apply it to their own lives. Be the leading lady in your life, and don’t let anyone or anything else stop you from living your best life every single moment of the day.

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