Why John Boyega has the Right Attitude to Disrupt the Status Quo in Hollywood

Why John Boyega has the Right Attitude to Disrupt the Status Quo in Hollywood
John Boyega

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John Boyega’s first love is acting, and his second love is setting the internet on fire with his opinions.
Every time he speaks, the power of his words divides sentiments and views and sends the media into a frenzy. When an actor has that level of influence, we know we have found a superstar that will affect the trend and culture of things to come.

When I look at him, I see the confidence and acting skills of Jamie Fox and the look and charismas of Denzel Washington rolled into one. From a young boy finding his feet in the street of Peckham, London, to sleeping rough when he lost his accommodation in LA and searching for audition after audition. John Boyega’s rose to stardom within the last few years was astronomical.

His Experience in Star War

John Boyega Star Wars

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Yes, John Boyega was grateful to have features in Star Wars. He recognized that the franchise plays a massive role in his career and launched him into Hollywood. But part of his experience was also that he was stuck playing the cliché black boy that was included to fulfill all righteousness and never appreciated enough for his talent. The strategy John Boyega has vehemently criticized as unsatisfactory.

We cannot disagree that, presently, he is reaching the top of the pinnacle, and yet when you look at him. You realize this is just the beginning for this Nigerian British-born black boy whose media love to paint him as a rebel.
Why do I think John Boyega has what it takes to lead the next trend that influences Hollywood culture and breaks the status quo?

He is a Non-Conformist

John Boyega

Credit @Johnboyega

John Boyega is someone who knows what it means to be an outlier. He has lived all his life as the odd one out, from the street where he grew up and experienced racism to the school where he finds it challenging to fit into any group.
He started acting as a social thing because he didn’t fit into most of the available standard groups in school.

He felt he wasn’t smart enough for academics, he wasn’t challenging enough for the big boys, and he wasn’t skillful enough for football. So, he started hanging out with the performance kids. That was how he got into the acting group. After a while, he eddeveloped a passion for acting and began to take it seriously. Being the odd one out came to him as second nature. You would say he has the experience and the tough skin that shield him from the sort of insecurity that comes from not being accepted.

Hollywood is a place where powerful cliques and inner circles dictate how the street is run. Upcoming artists are naturally conditioned to act a certain way. We know how the story goes for those who refuse to toe the lines. John Boyega came with his manual. This boy is determined to live his truth irrespective of what others think. And he continued to make it clear that he won’t be fixed into a box.


John Boyega has the Right Amount of Skills, Talent, and Hard Work.

We have seen many rising stars who break into Hollywood with a bang but little talent and then disappear into oblivion. John Boyega has built track records that show he will not be one of those. He has the depth of acting and transformed into his character in a way that leaves you simply spellbound. This young black boy stormed the world of acting with his charming presence. And makes it clear he is not going away any time soon. He is here to get bigger and better. His role as king Ghezo in the just-released movie, The Woman King, points to the fact that John Boyega will continue to play more prominent roles in Hollywood and will be in some of the blockbusters of this generation.

His energy is as infectious as his smiles. The dedication and hard work he showed toward his task can only be demonstrated by someone who is driven and inspired.

He is eloquent, and he speaks with precision while expressing his thought. And he is a man that loves to wear his heart on his sleeve. John Boyega has made it clear he will not be pinned to a corner in his acting roles. And will not conform to societal expectations. And he has continued to prove it in his actions. According to his words, “sometimes you need to be mad. It would help if you lay down what is on your mind. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to play games.”

This is just the Right Time and moment for a Personality like John Boyega.

We are in an era of acceptance and inclusiveness. Political leaders and famous faces see themselves as role models to continue to increase people’s tolerance of each other diversity. John Boyega will be part of the big voice that will continue to speak and demand that acceptance, that recognition that cement the new culture into place. And make sure it is not just a wave of passing the time but a lasting change. And I can say he has the right wind in his back.

If it is legitimate to break out of society’s limitations, it is just right to do it with boldness and confidence. And John Boyega has the shoulder for it, the intellectual capacity to understand his roles, and the eloquence to pass it across in his speech even though it robs people wrongly.
Transparent, honest, and straightforward. He has just the correct dose of charisma and stiff-neckedness for this nature. It might be a rocky road, but John Boyega is a man who is well prepared for the task ahead.

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