Five Things You Didn’t Know about Andrés Muschietti

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Andrés Muschietti

Muschietti is a relative newcomer to Hollywood and has directed only three films to date, one of which was a short-story adaptation of a project that would later go on to become a full-length film that was released in 2013. There’s not much known about this Argentina-born director at this point save for that he has a definite sense of vision and style that many people want to work with but find challenging in the sense that he’s hard to pin down and doesn’t often adhere to conventional processes that might otherwise make him a little more marketable. He does in fact know what he’s doing, but it would seem that Muschietti is still needing a bit more experience to really be considered a solid and dependable director. That will come, but for now he’s proven that he can tell one very scary story indeed.

Here are a few things you might want to know about Muschietti.

5. He co-wrote Mama.

You remember that 2013 horror movie that featured a psychotic spirit that raised and protected two young girls for a number of years until they were found by hunters? Yeah, he was responsible for, or at least partially. His writing skills are definitely good enough for this kind of job considering that Mama was probably one of the creepiest but underrated horror films of the decade.

4. He was supposed to direct the Mummy reboot but left due to creative differences.

Those must have been some serious differences to bow out on a project like this. Who knows, if he’d have stayed we might have actually gotten a much more respectable film than what was finally produced. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the worst, but it could have used a different direction at certain points that would have made more sense.

3. He’s been selected for a lot of projects but has almost always been replaced or turned them down.

It’s been reported that he’s been selected for many projects that might be worthy of his talents but always seems to go on to do something else. Either he’s still connected to them and nothing has happened as of yet or he’s looking for the right type of film that he wants to do. If that’s the case it might not be a wonder why he’s done so little as of yet. He’s good, but he needs to get more under his belt before being picky, if that’s the case.

2. He is the director of part 1 of IT, the most recent Stephen King movie.

So far just the trailers are extremely creepy. A lot of people, myself included, can’t wait to see what’s been done with this classic. Some might claim that the original will always be number one, guilty, but there’s no need to discount juts what’s in store for us all when the film finally hits theaters.

1. His story Mama actually impressed Guillermo del Toro.

Seriously, if you can impress a guy like del Toro then you’re doing something write. Guillermo is actually the guy that convinced Muschietti that Mama needed to be a full-length features.

So he isn’t that well known yet, but he will be.


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