Five Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Morris

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Morris

Chris Morris’s humor can be described as something quite different and even a bit offensive to those that don’t know how to take him. The English satirist is something else when he’s performing his bits, taking his own brand of comedy and sometimes metaphorically beating people over the head with it or shoving it down their throats in a manner that can only be described as aggressive and even a bit vicious at times.  But that has been his M.O. for a while now and people have responded to it with a seeming desire to see more for some reason. If it works it works and he’s made it work for him so there’s nothing else to be said for it.

You go with what works until it doesn’t and then find something else.

5. He doesn’t do a lot of interviews.

This has changed in recent times since he’s begun to promote his projects a bit more in an effort to get peoples’ attention and insure that they’ll actually take note of his works.  Before however he almost seemed gunshy, as though he didn’t want to speak to anyone unless he was in the middle of an act or absolutely had to. Some folks just aren’t good around people unless they’re doing a bit.

4. He’s known as a ‘media terrorist’.

Morris has been known to take legitimate news and actually work his satire into it no matter what it is. This seems pretty offensive and disruptive to some people but he’s made a habit of it and eventually has made his act around this bit. It’s something that he seems to get a laugh out of and has found that he can do without much effort, so he makes it work.

3. He wrote his own obituary once.

This is disturbing just because it seems like foreshadowing somehow but in all honesty it’s another spoof that goes along with his sense of humor. He’s not the first individual to have done this but it’s still odd that anyone would decided to put their own obituary out there as a prank. In some ways it seems that he has no filter on his sense of humor and just lets it fly.

2. He’s been a prankster from a young age.

So it’s not something he just got into as an adult. He’s been this way for a long time apparently and has been pulling pranks on people as he’s continued to grow. I think we’ve all known someone like this at least once in our lives and can say that it’s pretty much harmless unless they decide to take it to dangerous levels. For the most part Morris is just having fun with his act.

1. He’s very much into dark humor.

Dark humor isn’t inherently bad, it’s just different. It’s something that people feel guilty about laughing at every now and then, but the giggles will come regardless. You know that in real life you probably wouldn’t laugh at the kind of material that’s considered dark humor, but since you know the movies aren’t real you laugh anyway.

He’s got a different sense of humor, that’s for sure.

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