Five Actors Who Should Play RuPaul in a Biopic

Five Actors Who Should Play RuPaul in a Biopic

It’s true that not everyone likes RuPaul but honestly the TV personality has done a great deal of good throughout the years and has been a noticeable individual for years now. If anyone deserves a biopic it would definitely seem that RuPaul has earned that distinction since he’s been doing a great deal to simply be who he is. His career has been something both flamboyant and flashy that many upon many people have seen as inspirational and uplifting throughout the years, as a great many individuals have looked to him as a guide and a mentor in their lives whether they’ve met or not. In terms of creating a biopic there are no doubt a few items that might need to be ticked off in order to make certain that it’s worth the effort. In this case it would seem to be a bygone conclusion that RuPaul might actually meet every requirement.

Here are a few men that might be able to bring his flash and pomp to the screen.

5. Michael Ealy

Any man taking on this role would need to do a great deal of research to be honest but for the sake of accuracy it would likely take someone that has roughly the same look as RuPaul. Michael Ealy isn’t exactly at the top of the heap but he’s done more than enough to be considered as a serious and talented actor. While you might have seen him in a few different movies you might have also noticed that he’s not always right there and easy to be noticed. While he’s definitely taken on some roles that have gained him notice, something like this seems like it would really put his name out there for everyone to see.

4. Chris Williams

You might not recall Williams all that well since he’s been more of a supporting actor throughout much of what he’s done, but so far what he’s contributed has been great enough at what he does to deserve some consideration. For each person on this list it would seem that they might have lose a great deal of weight to really step into the role since some of them are kind of beefy compared to RuPaul. But Chris does seem as though he might be able to fit into the role fairly easily, and it does feel as though it would give him a chance to really come out on top in a role that could gain him even more notice.

3. Drake

This might almost seem like an insult to some people but really and truly it seems as though he’d be able to pull it off even though he’s technically not an actor in the same manner as many others in the business. He’s adept at standing in front of people and performing, he knows how to get the attention of an audience, and he knows how to be flashy and over the top, that sounds as though he might be the kind of guy that’s really needed for the role. Being able to take on RuPaul’s persona might be a challenge for anyone on this list since quite honestly RuPaul is a very unique person, but it is possible.

2. Jesse Williams

It might be interesting to see what these individuals would say about being selected or even mentioned in such a way when it comes to acting the part of RuPaul, but going off of looks and ability it would seem that each one of them meet the qualifications. Jesse might not be the number one pick but like the others he hits enough of the needed aspects of the character that would be needed in order to make it work. His acting talents are easily enough to assume that he would be able to do this, though once again, anyone being selected for this would need to perhaps spend some time with RuPaul just to get a feel for who he is.

1. Common

Without any offense it would almost seem as though Common was made for a role like this since his looks aren’t spot on but it wouldn’t take much for him to assume the role. It’s guaranteed that a biopic would use a couple of different individuals for different ages, but Common does seem like he would be perfect to take on the adult role of RuPaul. It doesn’t seem like so much of an insult to say that he would be perfect for this since it would be a challenge that a lot of people might agree is worth the possible outcome. This kind of movie would certainly be welcomed in this day and age and would open a lot of eyes in a positive way.

Hopefully this biopic will be made since it would be kind of interesting to see.RuPaul has earned that distinction

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