Denise Richards Speaks On The Double Standards Of Social Media

Denise Richards Speaks On The Double Standards Of Social Media
Denise Richards Speaks On The Double Standards Of Social Media

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Onlyfans has grown in popularity since its inception back in 2016. Now, the platform can be used for various things such as physical fitness, photoshoots, and instructional coaching; however, when someone says Onlyfans, the immediate reaction is X-rated and sex-related content. That’s because the website was initially made to focus on adult-rated affairs. Though sex workers had a brief scare when Tim Stokely announced that he would be moving away from the sexually explicit content in late 2021, the owner would backtrack that move a few weeks later.

Since going live, celebrities such as Cardi B, Bella Throne, Carmen Electra, Michael B. Jordan, and Chris Brown have joined the website. Not every celebrity sells X-rated content, as most of these names do behind-the-scenes work or other content regarding their profession. Then comes Sami Sheen, the daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. The celebrity couple first met on the set of Good Advice and tied the knot on June 15, 2002. Their relationship was a whirlwind that saw Richards file for divorce three years later. Of course, since they have two kids, the former celebrity couple has remained tied to one another, but their relationship outside marriage hasn’t been the easiest.

Denise Richards Speaks On The Double Standards Of Social Media

Credit: Jeff Lewis

In 2010, Richards gained sole custody of their daughters, Sam and Lola. At the time, they had joint custody. The actress wanted sole custody of the children due to Sheen’s significant problems with sobriety and behavioral issues. The Two and Half-Men star was notably fired from his popular sitcom due to his destructive behavior onset. At this time, Sheen was going through some personal issues; however, the actor did manage to find help following his turbulent behavior. That brings us to Sami, who finally turned 18 in June 2022. So what’s the natural thing that people do when they turn 18? Onlyfans, of course! In a revealing bikini picture, Sami announced that she would be signing up for Onlyfans. As you can imagine, the parents were divided on the situation. Richards was outstanding with her daughter joining the adult website; however, Sheen wasn’t thrilled with the news.

Speaking to E! News, the actor made it clear that he didn’t “condone” the decision. However, since his daughter was 18, Sheen understood that he couldn’t “prevent it” and told her to “keep it classy, creative and not sacrifice her integrity.” Though the Two and a Half Men alumni stressed that, “She is 18 years old now and living with her mother. This did not occur under my roof.”

Richards fired back, telling PEOPLE that Sami’s decision to join the website had nothing to do with “whose house she lives in.” She added that all she “can do as a parent is guide her and trust her judgment, but she makes her own choices.” This is a stark contrast to a prior year, as Sami lived under her father’s roof at one point. Richards confirmed in an interview with Jeff Lewis on his SiriusXM that the relationship between her and her daughter was not all rainbows and kittens, “Honestly, I have a strained relationship with her. It isn’t easy. I know we’ll get back to where we were eventually, but right now, it is strained.”

Denise Richards Speaks On The Double Standards Of Social Media

Credit: Good Advice

Sami agreed, pretty much claiming that living under her mother was hell on social media, “Now, finally moved out of the hell house, had a spiritual awakening, own two cats, happily single, full of self-love, and dropped out of high school :)” Clearly, their relationship has been mended since that time, and in a show of unity, Denise Richards ended up joining Onlyfans a few weeks later after her daughter. Not surprisingly, there was backlash over the 18-year-old joining the adult-themed website, and the actress has come to the defense over her daughter being on Onlyfans, “A lot of us have posted pictures of ourselves on Instagram in a bikini or something that might be perceived as risque,” she expressed to Daily Pop, “And if my daughter chooses to post a picture of herself in a bathing suit on OnlyFans, why would she get backlash on that but not on Instagram?” The mother further explained the issues Sami has dealt with on the X-rated site, noting that she joined the website to counter the negativity over her daughter doing so:

“I wanted to join because she got so much backlash for that, that I didn’t think it was fair,” Denise told Jeff Lewis. “I’ve done things in my career, I’ve done Playboy and Wild Things, and I’ve done sexy shoots before promoting movies and stuff like that. Sometimes people say negative things — well, they do, and a lot of times they don’t — and I thought it was not fair that she would be getting this much backlash when a lot of people post stuff like that, even just on Instagram. Not to take it as far as you can take it on OnlyFans, obviously, but still, It’s like, I just felt that it was not fair for her to get that kind of backlash.”

Being on Onlyfans is undoubtedly no easy task, and it should be interesting what the future holds for the 18-year-old on the popular content site. However, Sami has ignored the backlash and continues happily posting on social media.

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