10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jill Knox

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jill Knox

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jill Knox
Jill Knox is not a household name, but she’s going to be. She and her husband are starring in a new show on NBC alongside people like Preacher Lawson and Ely Henry. They are going to portray a married couple – easy for them, we imagine, since they are a married couple – on a show called “Connecting,”. The show follows the lives of a bunch of friends who get together weekly to meet over zoom in the middle of a pandemic. It should be interesting, and it’s time we get to know Jill Knox a little more. She’s going to be very famous soon.

1. She’s Married

Her husband is Keith Powell, and he will be starring alongside her on the show they are doing for NBC. They got married on October 12, 2013, which means they are celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary together in the midst of a pandemic. Thankfully, the world is opening back up (some places never closed down) and they can celebrate if they want.

2. She Was With Her Husband a Long Time Before they Got Married

Before she and Powell wed in 2013, they were together more than four years. It’s a long time, and they clearly wanted to spend their lives together. He asked her to marry him in 2012, and they spent a little more than a year planning their wedding. Their engagement was approximately 15 months.

3. She’s a Mom

She’s a very proud mom, too. She and her husband have a little girl, who they welcomed into their hearts and lives in 2019. Her name is Dolyn Reed. It’s a darling name that is short for his grandmother’s name, Gwendolyn. The happy parents were ecstatic to welcome their baby.

4. She Had a Difficult Journey to Pregnancy

She and her husband spent five years trying to have a baby. It just doesn’t come that naturally to everyone, and it doesn’t happen right away for all. They tried, and they kept trying even after going through all the pain and the emotions that go along with not being able to get pregnant and watching everyone else around you seemingly become pregnant with ease.

5. She’s Been Through the Truly Horrific

A year before she and her husband welcomed their daughter into the world, they were pregnant and expecting a baby of their own. That baby was not able to join them in the world, and that breaks our hearts. She gave birth to a stillborn, and it was something that no mother should ever have to experience. Their little boy, Greyson, did not get to live a moment in their lives, and nothing hurts as much as carrying a sweet life inside of you only to never meet that sweet life on the outside. Their baby was born at 39 weeks and 5 days.

6. She’s Got a Cool Doctor Story

When she was just two days shy of 37 weeks, her doctor wanted to induce her because of some health concerns he had for her and the baby. If you aren’t aware, 37 weeks is considered full-term, though you really want your baby to stick around on the inside a few weeks longer. A baby born prior to the 37-week mark of pregnancy is a premature baby…even when it’s only two days before. Trust me, I went into labor with our twins at 36 weeks and 6 days, and I had them six hours before I would have officially hit the 37-week mark, and they were considered premature as a result. However, we want to get back to Jill Knox. She checked into the hospital, and the woman in charge was not about to induce her. She put her foot down and said no. That’s not the cool part – it’s cool, but not the cool part. Her doctor is rumored to be the woman who the character of “The Nazi,” is based on from Grey’s Anatomy. You know the Nazi…Dr. Miranda Bailey. Now, that’s an awesome story.

7. She’s Smart

Jill Knox went to NYU. Not only did she go to NYU, but she also graduated from NYU. She graduated magna cum laude. She then went to Brown University where she obtained her MFA. That’s so impressive, but we aren’t surprised she is so intelligent. She’s just so good at all she does, so we aren’t surprised she’d ace a tough college on top of everything else.

8. She’s an Artist

Her parents are avid art collectors who sit on many boards, and she grew up around art all the time. She didn’t realize how much she loved it and was good at it, though, until she was in college. She didn’t feel like she was part of her class, and she didn’t feel she fit it. She would go to her classes and then head home to paint every night. That’s when she realized she loved it.

9. She Has an Art Business

It’s called the Young Rebel’s Studio. She started her business during the time she was trying so hard to have a baby and was unsuccessful. She’s got a goal, though. Her art was selling to those who could afford it, and she wanted to do something more. She wanted to create art that her peers and her friends and others could buy and afford, so she did this to create a bridge between unattainable and affordable.

10. She Really is a Rebel

When she was a child, she had some leopard towels in her bathroom. She loved them. She loved them so much she decided to paint her toilet leopard print to match. Needless to say, her parents did not find that moment one of her best…but it did add one more thing on the pre-selling this house checklist that they had to handle.

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