Five Actresses Who Should Play Becky Lynch in a Movie

Becky Lynch is one of the most prominent female wrestlers on the planet. She started her wrestling career in the early 2000s and has progressively worked her way up the ladder for nearly two decades. It is a story that has plenty of interesting plots and twists, making it a great source for a potential movie. As Lynch’s own star has grown, she has only continued to increase her draw. A movie about her would need a fierce woman more than capable of handling herself. Not every actress would be up to the task of getting rough in the rink, so any actress playing Lynch would need to be able to take a hit. Here is a list of some of the best options to play Becky Lynch in a movie.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

An A-lister like Lawrence would be a perfect place to start telling Lynch’s life story. She offers a sleek feminine appeal that would contrast well with the tough persona of Lynch. She also has a history of starring in action movies, with the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in 2012’s “Hunger Games.” Not to mention her roles in the X-Men series as Mystique. She certainly has the action experience that would make her a perfect fit. Lawrence is also similar in age to Lynch and would bring some of the intangibles that other actresses couldn’t. She has been known to change her physique in order to portray a character more accurately. The most prominent instance of this being her transformation for the role of Mystique, which required yoga and diet changes. Lawrence’s dedication to the part and ability to change her appearance make her a top candidate for this role. It would be very interesting to see her bulk up to match Lynch’s muscle tone.

4. Sophie Turner

Some people might think that a natural redhead might be best to match Lynch’s own locks. This is a reason why Sophie Turner has to be a serious consideration. She also has the action chops to match with the best actresses of the modern era. Her main claim to fame is playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, but she also has starred in a handful of other action movies. It’s hard to top a natural redhead for this role. Turner is also a native of England, meaning that she is right in the neighborhood of Lynch’s native Ireland. It also means that she has experience altering her accent for roles. This could come in handy to capture of the Irish spirit that Lynch exudes. It wouldn’t be difficult for Turner to make the transition; she already has experience playing a variety of unique characters. Fans would love to see Turner return to the big screen with an action-packed role. There is no doubt that Lynch’s story would be the perfect addition to her filmography.

3. Scarlett Johansson

As another A-lister with action experience, Johansson could do amazing things with the lead role in this film. It would be the perfect addition, particularly given that Johansson is more than used to taking a few hits. She has the athletics and body type to match Lynch in all facets of a possible movie. Another advantage is that she is a tried and true star which people will flock to see. Johansson as Lynch would truly be something that people would talk about. More importantly, she has rocked red hair before. There is no doubt that she will feel right at home in this role. Johansson brings class and fame to any production, so she would make the perfect Becky Lynch. She also has plenty of experience tussling with the boys, making her a perfect candidate to put on wrestling attire. This would be both an interesting and worthwhile consideration for any producer of Lynch’s life story. Most importantly, everyone loves Scar Jo!

2. Betty Gilpin

Betty Gilpin recently walked into a little controversy when a film starring her was cancelled. However, judging from the previews, she is more than used to getting a little rough and rowdy. These are two of the main reasons why Gilpin would make the perfect Becky Lynch. They are similar in both looks and appearance, so it wouldn’t be any huge stretch for Gilpin portray her story. Though Gilpin might be best advised to do a little research in Lynch’s native Ireland. One of the advantages of having an actress like Gilpin is that she is lesser known to a wide audience. This means that people could more easily get wrapped up in the story. It also gives this great actress a chance to showcase her abilities in a role she would shine in. It would make for a very unique and perhaps risky pick, but the potential payoff is huge. Not having a true A-lister might also help save on production costs, an important consideration for any team putting the movie together.

1. Emma Stone

Anyone playing Becky Lynch would have an advantage as a natural red head. Enter Stone who is one of the most prolific actresses of her era. She also has plenty of clout to get heads turning. One of the best examples of this is Stone being named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. She also has the intangibles that would make her a perfect pick. This includes her appearance, style, and height. Not to mention plenty of box office fame. Playing Lynch would definitely push Stone out of her comfort zone. She is typically typecast as more of the nice girl, so playing a professional wrestler would be a unique experience. However, this is a good point in her career to push her boundaries as an actress. People would love to Stone throw down in the ring. It would truly be a spectacle worth watching. This match between unexpected and unique makes Emma Stone as Becky Lynch truly irresistible. It would be one of the most fun things to happen at the box office in some time.

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