Mallrats Sequel: A Nostalgic Trip to the 90s with a Modern Twist

Mallrats Sequel: A Nostalgic Trip to the 90s with a Modern Twist

Kevin Smith has finally given good news about Mallrats or, the sequel, at least. A lot of dedicated and devoted fans have waited on this day. Much like Clerks, this movie managed to draw in a great deal of those who believe that Smith is one of the greatest directors ever.

It’s safe to say that one of Smith’s most appealing qualities to many is that he tells things as they are. Of course, he ends up embellishing and telling a story, but people enjoy this. Mallrats is essentially a love story set within a mall that appealed to adolescents of the 90s. Hailed as a buddy comedy, which it is, this movie is kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways. But this is why people love it.

Fans of Kevin Smith and his movies have defended his work for decades now. The idea that his movies require a sequel or not isn’t really the point. Many think of Smith as a guru of sorts who has his finger on the lackadaisical pulse of the demographic that he caters to. Mallrats is, more or less, another way to depict that demographic.

The mall scene has changed subtly, over the years. 2020 nearly saw the commercial death of such places, but at this time, malls are still useful. They’re also hubs of humanity where important moments take place, which is one reason why this movie has been anticipated for a while.

The story has to adjust to fit a modern narrative

Amazingly enough, Mallrats appeared as a movie that was ahead of its time. When it first arrived in the 90s, it was a financial flop and became a running joke for years. For one reason or another, people didn’t care about life as it was lived in a shopping mall.

Coming off the success of Clerks, it almost felt that Smith was attempting to go bigger and better. Unfortunately, Clerks apparently had a style that was tough to duplicate. Mallrats didn’t hit the same chord with a lot of people as Clerks did, surprisingly.

A lot can happen in a mall, especially given the space. Lives can expand and contract within a mall, depending on the circumstances. Heck, entire lives can take place within the walls if one pays close enough attention. But capturing that and making people care is tough.

It does sound as though this movie will start production in 2023

After waiting so long, it does feel as though this will vindicate the fans that have called for a sequel for so long. Smith has made it a point to try and please the fans that have amassed behind his work. Unfortunately, since he’s not the most conventional of directors, he has had to go about things differently. Smith’s reputation is one that’s built on failure and success like anyone else.

However, he does appear to thumb his nose at various methods over the years and has made his reputation in ways that are not seen as normal. This is what has made Smith who he is. This is also why fans happen to love his work.

Ironically, what can bury a director’s career is also what can make it work.

One has to wonder how many original characters will appear

There isn’t much known about the sequel at this point. However, it does appear that Smith wants to see the entire cast return if possible. Given what is known of the careers of several cast members, the difficulty of getting everyone back might increase given time. Not only that, but one has to wonder if the cast members want to return.

There’s no doubt that a few of them, if not several, will want to return to see what can happen. Jason Mewes feels like a lock since he’s hardly ever unable to take on the role of Jay, while others like Ben Affleck might remain questionable.

It’s very easy to think that several of the actors might have moved on from this type of movie. At some point, everyone has to grow up a little, but there is the idea that Mallrats 2 could change just enough to remain enticing.

The logistics of this movie feel complicated

Unless Smith is able to find an abandoned mall to use, it feels as though the budget for this flick might come with a hefty price tag. The first movie cost around $6 million to make, and that was back in the 90s. This time around, it could come to an even greater amount depending on the setting, the actors, and other variables.

Fans still want to see the movie happen. That part isn’t going to change. But thinking of how to make it work and how to avoid flopping once again is kind of tough.

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