Clerks 3 Is Coming: Here Are Five Predictions

Clerks 3 Is Coming: Here Are Five Predictions

Clerks is the movie that put Kevin Smith on the map so to speak, and from that point, he found himself on a roll that has continued to build a career that amazes some and is continually mocked by others. Smith takes a lot of this in stride given that his sense of humor is easily developed enough that he can dish it out as well as take the criticism when it comes. But when speaking about his shining moment with Clerks, some folks don’t really understand how this took off and others can’t stop talking about it. The fact that there was a sequel confused the hell out of some people since it initially looked like something that was bound to be the same old thing in a different location. Well, it kind of was since the guys were up to the same stuff, but the fact that their relationship deepened in a big way was something that was hard to miss. The fact that they bought the location they’d worked at was a return to the norm, which almost felt like the wrong direction. But with Clerks 3 it does feel as though Smith has come full circle with this story. 

With that in mind, here are a few predictions concerning Clerks 3.

5. Randal will eventually grow up. 

This sounds like a long shot, doesn’t it? No matter how old he gets, it does feel as though Randal won’t ever fully grow up since something about the guy appears to have hit the end of high school and just stopped. But if anyone remembers Clerks 2 then they’ll realize that he’s actually grown up a little bit already, but it’s likely that Randal is the kind of guy that won’t ever admit to it since he apparently wants to be seen as the guy that people can’t stand. Some folks are all about low expectations, and to be fair, Randal hasn’t really done much to raise expectations since the first movie. 

4. Jay and Silent Bob will finally find love interests.

This should feel like another long shot but it kind of doesn’t thanks to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Justice. Even though the sequel to the movie made it apparent that there’s no future with Justice since she married a woman and still had his love child. Yeah, it gets a little confusing. But imagining Jay and Silent Bob finding women that could put with them is kind of hard to believe, but stranger things have happened in the Clerks movies, so it almost feels as though anything should be allowed to happen in the final movie. Plus, it would be interesting to find out who could get along with these two. 

3. Dante will have to adjust to being a family man. 

Since asking Becky to marry him, and getting her pregnant first to jog the memory, it’s likely that Dante might find that living off of his salary at the Quick Stop isn’t quite enough as he has a family to raise. This is assuming that Smith won’t cause any trouble in paradise between Dante and Becky, since there’s nothing like a good bit of conflict to push a movie forward. But no matter what happens it feels likely that Dante will have to adjust his life in a big way to think about Becky and their child since anyone that’s been down that route knows that it’s a lot of work and a job at a convenient market doesn’t pay much. 

2. Things will be mostly the same. 

Apart from a few differences, Elias working at the video store, for instance, it’s very likely that a lot of things will stay the same since it doesn’t feel as though Dante and Randal aren’t huge lovers of change no matter how needed it might be. Some things will need to be different just to be believable given that quite a few years have passed since the first movie came out, but there are plenty of things that can stay the same simply because it would speak to the mindset of the characters and the location as a local landmark that people know about and use all the time. 

1. Something monumental will happen to the main characters. 

It does sound as though Kevin Smith is planning on using his heart attack from a while back to push the story a bit, which is smart since it’s a very monumental event that altered his life in a big way and can be used from experience and as a means of shifting the story into another gear. The event is said to happen to Randal, which will end up pushing him into overdrive as he tries to experience as much of life as he possibly can. That will be a switch for certain if it does happen. 

So, are you excited for Clerks 3? 

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