Five Things We’d Like to See From The Lion King Sequel

Five Things We’d Like to See From The Lion King Sequel

Five Things We’d Like to See From The Lion King Sequel

The Lion King live-action movie was a hot mess when you ask some folks, but it was bearable when talking to others since itw as a chance to see the classic tale in a different way. With that in mind though it still felt as though there wasn’t enough ‘oomph’ to this story to make it truly palatable for a lot of fans that were probably hoping for something on a more epic scale. Let’s just say it, the 1994 animated version was something special in its own day and is still held up as the standard now, and the live-action version really didn’t hold a candle to it for one reason or another. When you really think about it, nothing has managed to top the animated version since it had an insane amount of passion and heart in it that’s hard to get back, especially when one considers the cast, the music, and the overall story. But since these characters are in Africa and the ‘woke’ idea is to cast individuals that either come from Africa or are at least black, a lot of the voice were bound to change, but somehow Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, and John Oliver still found themselves on the cast. Funny how that works, yeah?

Here are a few things we’d like to see from the sequel to The Lion King.

5. It’d be nice if the idea could be shelved for a while until people are ready.

Seriously, Disney is going gung-ho with the live-action these days, and if not for the massive changes to appease people that have ended up alienating others, every single movie might have been deemed a rousing success. But The Lion King has thus far made a good deal of money, but isn’t exactly the type of movie that people are really going to put up as a great and shining example of Disney’s best. Maybe it’s time to take a chill pill and let this one sit for a while before deciding to push it forward. There are a lot of other ideas out there, ORIGINAL ideas, that Disney could make use of before this one is pushed forward.

4. If there is an origin story, it needs to include Scar.

People have seen Simba’s origin, they’d like to see Mufasa’s, and if that’s the case then seeing Scar’s origin would be great too since he and Mufasa are still fairly close. Plus it would be nice to see on screen just how Scar came to be the way he is, and why. When it comes to origin stories there are a lot of them in this tale that might be interesting enough to talk about, but the main antagonist and the father of the protagonist would be a great way to look at things as they were before when Mufasa and Scar were still young. It might even be able to introduce new characters that people might care about.

3. The original cast needs to come back.

For all that people were stating that the cast needed to be voiced by black actors it’s funny how three of the characters, arguably three of the most ridiculous characters, were given to white actors to voice. Pushing that aside for the moment it would still be great to hear the original cast come back, at least those that were needed for the movie, since the voices of the grown-up versions of Scar and Mufasa might not be needed as much. This would give the fans at least some sort of continuity with the movie since otherwise it could be a bit confusing when hearing a different voice come out of a CGI animal.

2. Simba’s Pride might be the best storyline to model the movie after.

It kind of depends on just how far Disney wants to pus things forward since Simba does eventually have his own pride and he does go on to have children. But one has to wonder if the idea would follow the movie or The Lion Guard from the Disney channel, since it was seen that Simba did have two cubs and one of them turned out to be the leader of the Lion Guard. Then again, that might be a little too much for the live-action version since it would be dipping into superhero territory just a bit and could possibly ruin the story. But there are other tales to be told and it’s interesting to think of which one would make it in.

1. Jon Favreau should be allowed to come back, at least to consult.

At this time it does sound as though Jon Favreau is not coming back to helm this movie as he did the first, but at the very least his skills should be put to use since he can tell a great story and he is a very astute director. If nothing else, it would be great to know that he’s helping out with this picture and had some input.

If this movie goes to the big screen and not to video on demand it would be surprising.

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