Yes, There’s a Pennywise and Cheers Mashup Video

Cheers Intro Pennywise

Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb might be right, we might have needed this little gem from Jesse McLaren, but up until we saw it there’s a good chance that we might have thought it would be more funny than creepy. The old-time photos that were used for the Cheers intro kind of took Pennywise’s image and made it even more ominous in some instances while in others it was pretty comical since it was so over the top. But it almost seems as though Jesse might have a little too much time to spare, or just thought this would be a fun project, or both. In any case it’s a project that comes out fairly well done and is pretty amusing since like I said, some of the images are just a bit too over the top to be anything but funny, while the others are definitely the stuff of nightmares. But with the second chapter of IT coming up in a few months it’s probably time to get ready for more projects like this to pop up since Pennywise is making his big screen return and will be back to scare the living hell out of the audience as well as the Losers Club, or what remains of them once they return to Derry.

It shouldn’t be much of a spoiler since the fact that the movie is running pretty close to the book is enough to think that they won’t bother changing poor Stanley’s fate, as he’s the only one of them that simply can’t accept what IT is, no matter that he saw IT up close and personal. In fact in the most recent movie IT almost killed Stan before being driven off by the others. But after all that, the Losers, apart from Mike, started to forget Derry and what had happened when they were younger, as though it had all been a bad dream that they couldn’t really remember. You might think that’s kind of a joke, especially when it comes to thinking of how anyone could possibly convince themselves that such a horrendous summer never happened. But that’s how the book goes, and that’s how the movie will likely go as well.

With the last movie it was pretty much expected to see videos like this pop up all over the place and already we’ve seen this and many others come about since Pennywise was re-introduced a while back. There will be plenty of videos coming now that September is virtually right around the corner and IT: Chapter 2 is coming on strong. And quite honestly that’s great since the more people talk about the movie, the more they’re going to theorize about what’s going to happen, what might change, and what might take place now that a few things have been altered here and there, especially the time period. Pennywise has been updated just enough that he’s every bit as terrifying as he used to be and yet is still somehow old-fashioned enough to be as authentic as the fans would like to see. But this time around he’s not going to be alone if things go according to plan. Don’t forget, Henry Bowers still had a part to play in the original miniseries when the Losers returned to Derry, and it’s anticipated that he’ll be back this time around as well, no matter that he fell down a well, supposedly to his death.

Get ready to see Pennywise everywhere again since the dreaded clown is one of those villains that never fails to inspire fear and terror in those that can’t help but find Bill Skarsgard to be absolutely creepy when he puts on the getup and smiles. At this point no one is really debating just who the best Pennywise is since Tim Curry was great in his time, but in the modern era it has to go to Bill, who brought back the clown in a way that was every bit as creepy but not quite as campy as a 90s-era clown would have been had he gone in that direction. Having Tim Curry show up in a cameo would be great, perhaps as someone in Derry who knows what’s going on but is still part of the overall problem since, let’s face it, Pennywise kind of dominates the entire area. Having the man that made the clown famous in the first place would be awesome though, if only for a short scene to show that he was involved.

Getting back to the Cheers bit, can you imagine if Pennywise had been moving throughout the town as he pleased all that time? What if he really had frequented the local establishments in one form or another? Do you think that the townsfolk would have known that something was off about him? Those are interesting questions that seemed to pop out of thin air just now, kind of like those blood-red balloons that tend to appear without warning.

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