The Bold and the Beautiful: Sally Spectra Returns

The Bold and the Beautiful fans hear a nice rumor that someone is coming back. We are taking a small-ish break from the drama surrounding Bill and Steffy and Liam and Hope and Wyatt and Katie and Ridge and Brooke to tell you that there is something else that might just make things a little juicy. Remember a few months ago when we broke it to you that actress Courtney Hope who was hired last year to play the fiery Sally Spectra was moving away with Thomas and leaving the show for good?

Well, guess what? It turns out for good is not very long, and that is good. The word is that she’s coming back and she’s going to return to her role as Sally and bring the drama. Will this be anything short of amazing as far as Liam’s story is concerned? We did think that there was a chance he would end up with her, but that didn’t work out when Hope came back.

But we think that it would be a lot more fun to see him with Sally than it is to see him with Hope, and we have a feeling that even Steffy would agree to this. She’s hating everything in her life right now, and seeing Sally return might just work for her. If she can’t have her own husband, at least her sister can’t have him either — right? Maybe that’s where this will all go. And that would be amazing. We hope it does. If Sally comes back, she can throw a huge wrench into anything that’s going on.

And then there is one more thing; if Steffy is happy that she comes back and takes her husband from Hope, she might just move on. But if she’s not happy about it, is there a chance she and Hope might decide to get over their own issues and make it possible to team up and stop her from whatever she’s up to? We don’t know if she’ll go that far, but it is possible that they might make this happen. They could end up coming together over a common bond.

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