The Top Five Moments of Killjoys Season 3 So Far

“The Killjoys” on Syfy has had an amazing third season so far. We’ve seen a few paradigm shifts and arcs along with a great ending for the third round. Showrunner Michelle Lovretta orchestrated the Hackmods to become the front and center of the narrative. It was an exiting season and we’ve chosen the top five moments of the season for your enjoyment.

1. Killjoys Season 3, Episode 7: In The Beginning, There Was You

This is a touching scene that shows Aneela and her father having a particularly special moment. She’s already gone back to memories that were placed in the green to retrieve the child. He tells her to make sure that the lady never finds out about what she has done. Up until this time it has been impossible to bring memories back with them into the present. Just when we think that the elder is going to kill the child with a knife, he turns the tables and makes a commitment to defend and teach the child to be the one that restores honor to the name that he’s besmirched with his evil deeds and intentions.

2. Killjoys Season 3, Episode 7: This Is Where I Leave You

This is the best scene in episode 7 that shows Fancy Lee in a superior position over D’avin. He desperately needs a favor from Fancy, but he really doesn’t want anything to do with the Killjoys. It’s interspersed with a bit of humor in the exchange as he tells him that “war is a bitch,” and the speedy reply back to Fancy from D’avin is that, “I didn’t think that you were one.” Fancy is reluctant, but gives him the information that he needs to make the war go in his direction, but he is extremely cautious in the exchange.

3. Season 3, Episode 8: Prison Break

Aneela gets with the program in her torture of Gander. Once she gets the information by going through the green with him, she’s interrupted and needs to give the guy a break to get her ship back on the right course. When she tells him she’s learned what she needed to know, Gander is quite the gentleman by reminding her that the lady also knows what she does. The lady changes the course of the ship and Gander is relieved to inform Aneela that “the lady wants to have a word with her.” Aneela is dismayed to learn that the lady not only controls her slaves and her ships, but she also controls her. Aneela’s repossession of what she considered to be hers is fairly dramatic, but it’s only a matter of time before the lady’s reinforcements arrive.

4. Season 3, Episode 9 Alvis’ origin story

Alvis tells the tale of the thirteen that went to Arkin. He tells of how the devil came to the quad and hid in everyone’s bodies. The only way to tell who was infected and who wasn’t was to use the knives to shed their blood. This is an origin story that opens up more about the overall plot.

5. Season 3: Episode 10: Final scene

This was a great way to end the scene. Going through the green space to the memories was perfect. Aneela and her passenger into the realm are confronted by their father, but Aneela is unsure if it is really him. He produces the proof and then after assuring the girls that he’s truly the genuine article, he produces the knives that he made for them. Through his leadership they’re off to give the lady “hell.”

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