Yellowstone: Tall Drink of Water-Recap

Yellowstone: Tall Drink of Water-Recap
Yellowstone Recap With Spoilers: "Tall Drink of Water"

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Several fans have stated that the first two episodes of this season were a bit lacking in the type of development and story that people expected. Still, the truth is that the third episode managed to hit and hook the audience in a manner that was effective and should continue to push things forward in a convincing manner. The idea of John Dutton keeping his position as governor feels wrong to a lot of people, and there are plenty of reasons for this since the Dutton family patriarch has been less politician and more cowboy for the past four seasons. His race for the governor’s office was entertaining since Jamie never stood a chance on his own, and even with the mother of his child, there wasn’t an ironclad chance that he would take the position. Out of the many different ways that John could have gone about preserving the valley, this had to be one of the least attractive since it meant taking on a role he had no initial interest in, even if it is one of the most effective of blocking Market Equities and their continual push to take over the valley. 

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credit: Yellowstone

Thomas Rainwater has his own issues, and John Dutton appears to be a secondary matter at this time. 

Thomas Rainwater has been a problem since the first season when it comes to the Duttons since his interest in acquiring his own stake in the valley has been hotly contested by John as much as anything else has. But with another group breathing down his neck to deal with John, it would appear that Thomas is doing his best to keep his casino running and his goals of moving forward clear and unfettered. While John might still be on his radar, it’s fair to think that he’s not worrying too much about the Duttons in relation to others that are proving to be more than a little problematic. While Rainwater and his interests are still a big part of the story, it almost feels as though they could tell their own story in another series at this point. 

Market Equities might go down, but they’ll go down swinging. 

It’s been seen in the real world that corporations are known for being filled with a laundry list of issues now and then, but a lot of times, people are willing to turn a blind eye so long as their own interests are being met. The issue with Market Equities is the fact that they would have brought a great deal of revenue to the town, but at the same time, they would have actively destroyed the tranquil peace that so many have spent generations trying to preserve. It does appear that they’re ready and willing to do this even as they’re being called off and back to New York, as the idea that they’re leaving someone behind to inflict as much damage to the Duttons as possible is proof that they’re not going down without having the final say. The unfortunate part of this is that the Duttons are known to be fighters, and it’s easy to think that going after Jamie isn’t the best idea since the Duttons might very well cut him off to cut their losses. Hey, Beth would do it. 

credit: Yellowstone

Beth is kind of a danger to her enemies and her family alike. 

One thing that Beth Dutton doesn’t like hearing is the word ‘no,’ even when it’s necessary to take stock of why someone is saying it. Thinking of things in hindsight, it’s fair to think that Beth’s desire to go out when learning that it’s Lloyd’s birthday is innocent enough. But taking cowboys to the town bar is something that’s already proven to be a controversial matter that never appears to go well. When Beth Dutton wants something, though, it’s usually safe to assume that she’s going to get it. But with a new sheriff in town and the volatile nature of placing cowboys in the town bar, it was a recipe for disaster, no matter that the group wasn’t looking for trouble. When someone talks to Beth’s man, though, and flirts with him within her line of sight, well, it wasn’t bound to end well, especially after the woman went and placed herself in Beth’s reach. How Beth is going to get out of trouble this time is hard to say, especially since it’s rather clear that she committed the assault. 

The Duttons are in a spot of trouble at this time. 

That might sound kind of redundant, but the fact is that the Duttons have been in trouble before, but this is even worse since, with John as governor and Beth and Jamie being his most trusted advisers, it’s easy to state that their current troubles are going to be far better for their enemies than the family. The next few episodes are going to be interesting. 

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