Yellowstone: The Sting of Wisdom-Recap

Yellowstone: The Sting of Wisdom-Recap
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The fifth season of Yellowstone isn’t stopping for breath as John Dutton’s rise to the role of governor is ruffling a lot of feathers and making it clear that his enemies might have been set on their heels just a bit, but they’re getting ready to push back without fail. As the family seeks to band together and figure out who’s going to be coming at them and from which angle, things continue to happen as the buildup to a serious slugfest is taking place, and the Duttons are doing their best to make sure they hit first, and hardest. Unfortunately, enemies such as Market Equities aren’t going to give up and go away since their money is great enough to bring in just about anyone they need to make things difficult for the Dutton family.  Difficulty kind of follows the Duttons around, though, as though they’re destined to be magnets for trouble and controversy. This time around, though, it’s very likely that if they’re the last people standing, they won’t be left unmarked. 

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Market Equities is always ready to play dirty, obviously. 

When it comes to making money, there are a lot of different ways to go about it, but to keep both money and reputation, big corporations like Market Equities are going to do whatever it takes to keep both and to keep things rolling as they should. The Duttons represent the old way, the old world, and a company like Market Equities will try its best to get what it wants while making sure that those who stand in the way regret that decision. One problem exists, though, the Duttons don’t move for anyone unless it benefits them, which means this fight is going to be a good one, and it’s going to decide the future of the valley and the ranch, most likely. But if this season does end up deciding the matter between the  Duttons and yet another enemy, one can only surmise that another season will showcase the eventual future or downfall of the family. It’s kind of tough to guess which one is going to come first. 

The fact that John’s not a politician is bound to hurt him eventually. 

John’s already been told that not being a politician is going to be a problem, but to a lot of people, this is what makes him the best candidate for the role of governor since he’s not bound by the same political games as others have been in the past. Unfortunately, this means that he’s also not fully aware of what he’s stepping into since he’s always been the guy fighting for the valley and his own interests and his family’s. But stepping into this arena is going to be a lot different since now he has a mountain of responsibility that’s keeping him from the ranch. He can’t get home to take care of things like usual. Worse than that, the attempt to keep Market Equities at bay could be a war of attrition, and sadly, it’s one that John is bound to lose if it comes to that. 

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credit: Yellowstone

Any allies the Duttons have are uncertain in the best of times. 

John has made it a habit of keeping allies using methods that aren’t always the best since he often feels the need to remind his friends and allies that he’s in charge and there’s not much they can do about it. Plus, he makes it known that crossing him is a bad idea and that there are consequences if a person decides to act in a manner that is anything other than what John wants to see. This makes for uneasy allies most of the time, and these are about all that the Duttons have left, apart from those who follow them, because the Duttons are acting in a way that serves their own interests as well. The mess that has been created by the Duttons and those who want to show their superiority over them has done a great deal of damage when it comes to the valley and the people involved, and it’s not over yet. 

Season 6 isn’t being given the green light yet, but it sounds likely. 

Cole Hauser, aka Rip Wheeler, has already made it known during an interview that season 5 isn’t going to be the end of the show, but as of yet, it doesn’t sound as though the show has been given the go-ahead, even if there are already plans in place to make it happen. The mere fact that Hauser has said this makes one believe that season 5 might end on another cliffhanger and that people will be wondering what’s going to come next and if the Duttons will be able to take it. For now, season 5 is already ramping up to be another battle that the Duttons have to win. 

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