Years of Tragedy Will Not Stop Ella Bleu Travolta from Making her Dreams Come True

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Ella Bleu Travolta turned 22 in 2022, and she’s already lived a thousand lives. The young daughter of actor John Travolta and actress Kelly Preston has been through more in her short life than most people in their entire lives. She’s lost a brother, her mother, and someone who has been a part of her life since before she was born in 2022. That would be the late, great actress Kirstie Alley, with whom her mother and father were so close since she worked with John Travolta on the Look Who’s Talking films in the 80s and 90s. It was another difficult year for Ella Bleu Travolta, but she’s not letting that stop her from living her life.

Tragedy in Ella Bleu’s Life

She’s the middle child of three children and the only daughter in the family. Born between two brothers, Ella Bleu is the only girl. Her mother and father met in 1988, and they got married back in 1991. Their long marriage was often revered as one of the most successful in Hollywood. The Travolta family often stayed out of the limelight despite both working so hard in Hollywood. They lived a quiet life in the small equestrian community of Ocala, Florida, often going out on the weekends and enjoying their time without the locals bothering them.

Credit: @ella.bleu

The family experienced their first set of tragedy in 2009. The firstborn child of John Travolta and Kelly Preston died suddenly and unexpectedly during a family vacation in the Bahamas. Jett Travolta was born in 1992, and he died in 2009. It was January 2, 2009, when Jett Travolta died on his family’s holiday vacation. He suffered from a seizure that took his life. The family, so private, never discussed the fact that Jett was diagnosed as autistic and that he experienced regular seizures. Jett Travolta was also diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease when he was a toddler.

The family was devastated, and the devastation would continue. Ella Bleu was only seven when her big brother died. Nine years later, when Ella Bleu was only 16, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She fought breast cancer from 2018 until she lost her battle in 2020. Ella Bleu was 18 when she lost her mother. Since then, it’s been Ella Bleu, John Travolta, and Benjamin, who was born in 2010.

Ella Bleu is Living Her Best Life Right Now

They say that life must go on, and it sounds so callous. However, it must go on. Ella Bleu experienced more tragedy in the first 18 years of her life than most do in an entire lifetime, but she still has a life to live. In 2022, she made her modeling debut. She walked the runway at New York Fashion Week during the Karl Lagerfeld show. Her father was the first and most proud, and he bragged endlessly on social media about how proud he was of his daughter.

She also released her first single – she’s a singer. She is so excited about her musical career and wants the world to know that even in her early 20s, she still feels like a 14-year-old at heart, and she loves making her dreams come true. Finally, she’s a bonafide actress. Ella Bleu Travolta landed the lead role in a new movie called Get Lost, which is the live-action version of Alice in Wonderland.

Credit: @ella.bleu

Once again, her own father was the first person to share his pride. He is nothing short of absolutely proud of his daughter, and he never hesitates to share his pride. The family might be going through another tough loss after losing longtime family friend Kirstie Alley to cancer in 2022 – very unexpectedly – but they continue to maintain their privacy. They like their time outside the public eye and prefer to spend their life focusing on things such as their family and friends. This young woman is growing up into a lovely young lady with great talent, and we are not shocked her father is so proud of her.

She is Close With Her Father

Ella Bleu is a proud daughter. She makes it abundantly clear on a regular basis that her mother, father, and her brothers are the most important people in her world. She shares her love for them online, and she never hesitates to make sure those who are important to her know it. She’s a proud older sister who regularly shares just how much her younger brother teaches her. She makes sure her father knows that he’s doing a wonderful job raising them, and she makes sure she shares how much she misses her mother with the world. She’s grown up so much in the past few years, and she is absolutely lovely. She is her mother’s daughter.

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