Remembering Kirstie Alley: Actress Dies at 71


Credit: Cheers

The curtain falls for everyone eventually when it comes to show business, but it’s a sad day when the public learns of another celebrity that’s passed away, particularly those who were so iconic during their career. While it’s true that Kirstie Alley was in the news quite often for one thing or another over the years, her legacy had already been well-established at that point, and it’s not too difficult to think of how she managed to remain in the spotlight. Her contributions to TV and to cinema have been noted for quite a few years since she’s taken on various parts that a lot of people might not remember and was a part of pop culture to such a degree that eventually, her name would come up with in many crowds. Fans of Cheers, of the Look Who’s Talking movies, and of many other projects that utilized her in a very efficient manner. Of course, fans might recognize her battles with a cocaine addiction and her weight, which tended to fluctuate from one year to another, but it’s a hope that her acting career will shine brighter than anything else. 

Look Who's Talking (1989)

credit: Look Who’s Talking

Kirstie was one of the people that made the 90s a lot of fun. 

She did get her start back in the late 79s with the Match Game, but her big screen debut came in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where she would play another Vulcan by the name of Saavik. To be fair, it’s very easy to remember her from that movie despite the fact that she was more of a supporting actress than a major star. But as time went on, she took on the leading role in a number of different projects and became an icon that many people loved regularly watching on Cheers or on the big screen when she starred in another movie. One could say that she wasn’t quite as famous as several people, but in a lot of ways, she felt like more of a relatable individual who wasn’t meant to be the top name at all times and was someone that people could fully enjoy on a different level that made her feel like a well-grounded celebrity. 

Her brief battle with colon cancer was the cause of her passing. 

It’s likely that not too many people knew of her battle with colon cancer since it doesn’t appear to have made any big headlines. In a way, this is fitting since it’s been far too long since celebrities were able to keep such personal matters to themselves, though it’s understood how such things should be their own cross to bear at times. There were several people who knew that Chadwick Boseman was battling cancer, but otherwise, the matter was kept fairly quiet, and it would appear that Alley might have had the same courtesy given to her, though it does sound as though her ordeal was far shorter than Boseman’s. Regardless, it’s still tragic to hear about the loss of a celebrity that was still loved by so many. 

Kirstie Alley

credit: Village of the Damned

There’s room to debate how well some of her roles were received over the years. 

Like many actors, Alley’s efficiency on-screen dipped from time to time as the roles either wasn’t right or something else contributed to the lack of viewership that her shows and movies were given. Back in the day, she was a hot commodity since she was one of the most gorgeous and capable actresses of her time. Her role on Cheers and in movies such as Madhouse and other features were great since they allowed her to show a tremendous deal of range that was met with a great deal of approval from the fans. It’s fair to state that she’ll be remembered fondly in the years to come, but like many actors will be relegated to legend as the interests of the fans continue to change and diversify. One has to think about how many of the stars that have passed on are being remembered at this point compared to what they were really like.  The truth is that we remember people the way we want to, and when it comes to Alley, it’s fair to think that she had her ups and downs like anyone else. 

She was a star whose legacy is still strong enough that people can fully appreciate her. 

No matter how people remember her or which movie or show will be deemed her legacy, the truth is that all of it came together to make Kirstie who she was, which was an actress that many people fully enjoyed and will remember fondly. At the end of the day, that’s all a person can really ask for, to be remembered. Rest in peace, ma’am; you’ll be missed. 

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